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Do you need to leave US because H1B is not getting extended? Move to Canada

Are you disgruntled because the H1B visa application filed by your company got rejected? The US has also been rejecting H1B visa extensions. The Indian IT firms have faced the brunt of such rejections. Infosys, TCS, and Cognizant have seen so many of such rejections. In the face of such a rejection, the IT firm which has stationed worker abroad needs to call him back to India. Apart from these companies, Wipro, HCL and Tech Mahindra also faced rejections of the US H1B extension petition. In fact, only 16% of the H1B visa applications filed by these companies were accepted. The major chunk of H1B visa applications accepted was filed by the US companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple. A lot of applicants for the H1B visa are facing rejections because their hiring companies are not able to provide the evidence for their necessary hiring of an Indian worker. Although anyone whose petition has been rejected for the H1B visa can file the appeal for it, USCIS quotes lack of evidence for petitions getting rejected.

 The US has announced new visa rules for the H1B visa. As per these new rules, candidates with a US master’s degree will be given preference over those who don’t have such degrees. The new application season for the US H1B visa will start from 1st April 2019. 65,000 visa holders will be selected first who will have the Master’s degree from the US. The USCIS gave a direction to its visa officers to have the same level of review for extension of H1B visa just like the grant of new visa applications.

In 2018, 55% of the applicants selected for the US H1B visa were master’s degree holders from this country.

Canada PR process from USA
Canada PR process from USA

Express Entry application

Application to the Express Entry is quite simple. You can apply here as per the Canadian experience class or the federal skilled worker class. Canada has chosen the maximum number of immigrants as per both these categories. In 2018, 87% of the candidates selected for immigration to Canada as per the Express Entry and the PNP programs belonged to the Express Entry classes of Federal Skilled worker and the Canadian experience class. So, you can also apply as per these classes and get your  Canada PR. The Canada PR process from USA includes applying and putting up an expression of interest, then if you are selected, adding the IELTS test scores and Educational credential assessment. Finally when you get the confirmation of permanent residence to move to Canada.

If you are unable to get the US HIB Visa and still want to immigrate, Canada is a better option. You can get to have the US lifestyle in Canada.  You don’t need to return back to India. How to immigrate to Canada with an express entry visa?

Unlike the US immigration visa, you don’t need to live in Canada to get this visa. This visa has the requirement of a comprehensive ranking system score, currently at 452. Express entry issued invites to a lot of people in the years 2017 and 2018. In 2017, this number was 86,023 and in 2018, 89,800 applicants were selected. Therefore, this has led to a lot of eager Canada immigrants applying for this visa. The Canadian government will invite 6,500 more immigrants in the year 2019 through the 3 immigration streams of the Express Entry visa.

In fact, in 2018 the number of candidates selected in an express entry draw was quite high. The first draw on Jan 10th selected 2,750 candidates whereas, on April 11, the draw size reached 3,500. From October 9th, the draw size became 3,900 which continued in all the draws done till the end of the year. Canada gives a lot of preference to candidates who move here from the US. The candidates who have worked and lived in the US get a lot of preference because of their American experience. Canada values the US work experience. Apart from that, as a US worker, you can easily clear the IELTS exam getting high scores. The rejection of extension visas as compared to the new visa applications has happened because the same level of review is done for them now.  The candidates who were selected for the express entry between 2016 and 2017 had increased by 5 times. A large percentage of those selected were not American citizens but were living in US, and now decided to move to Canada. Its because Trump introduced the policy of “Hire American, Buy American”.

20.5% of immigrants have settled in Toronto and 40.7% have settled in the rest of Canada.

The fastest Canada PR process from USA consists of the following:

Global talent stream

Apart from Express Entry, the other stream which allows immigration to US workers is the Global Talent Stream. The processing time for this visa is two weeks. As per this scheme, an employer who wants to choose workers for this stream will have their LMIA approved within 10 days. So, this is one of the fastest ways to have the Canada PR process from USA. An employer can select a  Canadian worker based on category B of the Global Talent Stream. As per this stream, foreign workers can be hired who have experience as per the Global Talent occupations list. This List has 13 occupations included in it such as Digital Media Designers, Software engineers, and designers, etc. The candidates can get their immigration process completed within 2 weeks once an employer decides to choose them. Since the immense cut down of the H1B visas, can affect the US economy, you are likely to get a visa with a US experience.

Atlantic immigration pilot program

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program: Since you have the US experience, you can be easily be selected for jobs in the different provinces of New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Nova Scotia. After getting chosen by an employer here, you can easily work. 2,500 seats have been allowed as per this visa in 2018. You have to be picked by an employer to get selected as per this program. This selection is easy because you hold US experience.

Rural and Northern immigration pilot

You can also apply to another Canada PR process from USA. This process is known as the Rural and Northern immigration pilot, this program was started on January 24th of 2019. This program is like the Atlantic immigration pilot program and wants to get employees into the rural areas of Canada.  The rural communities who want to be a part of this program have to apply for selection. Immigrants will be chosen later by this scheme once the participating communities have been approved. All the communities with a distance of 75 km from the main metropolitan areas or have a population as low as 2,00,000 are eligible to be chosen as per this program. As per this Canada PR process from USA, you can get selected for theprogram to work in rural communities located in the different provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Ontario, Yukon, and Saskatchewan.

NAFTA based immigration

There are a large number of occupations as per which the candidates can also immigrate to the US as NAFTA employees. There are 60 occupations which have been approved for NAFTA employment. You must have a job offer from a Canadian employer to be chosen under NAFTA.

British Columbia tech pilot PNP

This is also a way for the tech employees to easily immigrate here. This PNP chooses technical employees in 29 occupations. A candidate can easily get a job in any one of these occupations after that he becomes eligible to apply for tech pilot PNP. You have to apply 4 months for this program before starting your job in the British Columbia province. So, a technical worker you don’t need to be disheartened when you don’t get the H1B visa extension. You can easily get chosen for the British Columbia PNP. You get a British Columbia provincial nomination certificate after getting selected through this scheme and then you can apply for the express entry.

Provincial nominee programs are also a way for you to immigrate to Canada. Apart from the British Columbia tech Pilot PNP, there are also other PNPs which prefer IT workers. Nova Scotia also has a skilled worker PNP stream. This stream requires the candidate to have some experience which should not be less than 12 months. Apart from experience, he should also have proper knowledge of either any of the two languages, English or French.

If he appears for the IELTS exam, he must get good scores in this exam to prove his English language knowledge is good. If he can’t appear for this exam, he should appear for the TEF exam.

This exam will make them prove his efficiency in the French language.

Every province in Canada prefers someone with an American experience as part of its PNP program. A candidate needs to be in touch with the immigration consultant to know what the prospects are for him being selected as part of a certain PNP program.

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