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Canada Relocation – A Few Key Points You Must Know

Anybody who is looking to immigrate to Canada should have the right, knowledge about the conditions which exist here. Canada has varied climate zones due to which it’s fun to live here.

Varied climate: There are summers which are hot and winters with snow falling. The cold winters here have temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius. Therefore be prepared to handle the weather of this country. The Thunder Bay in Ontario in Canada has the lowest temperatures at -18.1 degrees Celsius in winters.

You are sure to meet people of all nationalities,  in Canada. There are people who are of Chinese descent. In fact, there are members of parliament, up to 40 in number who are not of a Canadian background. So, you will have people of different minorities reaching out to you while you are in this country.

Be ready to give tips-As a matter of fact, we are not used to tipping waiters in our country. But as a matter of courtesy follow this rule while you are in Canada. The waiters here earn a decent income which is 8-10 CAD per hour. So, they expect tips to be given to them. In fact, the waiters have to shell out a portion of their tips to the cooks. In the absence of tips, the waiter is disbursing his own money to the cooks in the kitchen.

The tip rate in Canada is at least 15% of the amount mentioned on your bill. You can even pay more up to 20% if you are impressed with the service.

Getting a  job takes time in Canada: It’s not necessary that you will immediately land a job in Canada. Unless and until you have immigrated to this country with a job in hand, you will have to spend some of your initial time in this country in finding a job. So, the time which elapses during your job hunting has some expenses which cant be met out of your income. It’s better to take some sustenance funds to spend during this time in Canada. Once you are able to form some bonds in this country, landing up in a job is not so difficult.

Costs in popular cities: The immigrant should have complete knowledge about how much it will cost to live in a certain province in this country. In fact, its necessary to know, that once you are thinking of immigrating to Ontario, you should that it city like Toronto is expensive. The rent and the transport fares here are on the higher side. Montreal in Quebec on the other side has average costs. Well comparing things between the two cities, Toronto has been proved to have more costs of living than Montreal by a staggering 22%. Toronto is getting immigrants at a high rate due to the rich ethnic composition of this city, that’s why the apartments here have a high cost. The cultural differences between the two cities are also notable with Montreal having a certain European bent.

So, the language of communication in Montreal is French, whereas in Toronto its English. English is used in Montreal, but French is preferred.

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