Canada will Welcome Around One Million New Immigrants By 2020

Yes, the Canadian Government is planning for welcoming and inviting around 1 million numbers of immigrants by the year 2020. This fact was revealed clearly in the multi-year plan of immigration by the government of Canadian federal. Canada will welcome around One Million New Immigrants By 2020 under the program of economic immigration, refugees and immigration of family class is true. As per the plan of multi-year, around 310,000 immigrants are invited likely by the year 2018 and the number of people will increase to 330,000 in the year 2019 and thereafter 340,000 in the year 2020.

The target for the category of immigration is decided and even presented to house in common. The Canada will welcome around One Million New Immigrants By 2020 as it will increase significantly the immigration year after year. While speaking to one of the media channel, popular Canadian immigration hear or minister Mr. Ahmed Hussen has already stated than in the coming three years, by 2020 the Canadian immigration will assist meeting demographic challenges and skill shortage in their country. According to him, around five million numbers of Canadians will be retired by the year 2035, hence new immigrants will come to c in few years and will play important role in the Canadian society and economy.

Plan of Canadian immigration

The ratio of all working people in Canada has dropped over last few years drastically. As per the Mr. Ahmed Hussen, in the year 1972 the Canada had only 6.6 working age people and however by the year 2012, the ratio of the same dropped to around 4.2 to 1. As per projections, these ratios will drop around 2 to 1 per cent by year 2036. Hence, for dealing well with this type of challenge, country really needs to increase gradually annual immigration in country. He even confirmed that government had discussions and even consultations with different number of provinces and related entities and all provinces has completely confirmed the fact that they require immigrants for dealing with skill shortage and other demographic challenges.

Settlement and integration program

It is now confirmed that Canada will welcome around One Million New Immigrants By 2020. Moreover, the government is not restricted to focus on allowing the immigrants in country but they are even looking out for enhancing settlement and integration program in their country for helping this entire immigrant to settle down quickly in society, so that they all can contribute well to Canadian society and economy. Canada is world leader even in terms of the program of integration and many of the countries of world are learning from their successful settlement and integration program.

Great time for moving to Canada

If you are having any of the plans to move to this popular country, Canada, then it is perfect time for preparing your file of immigration to apply in the relevant immigration plan. For further details, seek advice online or get in touch with an immigration expert.

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