Canada work visa

What to do after getting the Canada Work Visa from Australia?

Know all the processes and requirements, when your Canada Work Visa is approved. There are plenty of jobs that are available for backpackers on a working holiday visa in Canada. Through these backpacking jobs, you can have an enjoyable time while you are in this country.

Doing tasks after getting Canada Work Visa

Farm assistant jobs

Backpacking jobs in Canada consist of acting as a helper on the farm.

You can help in cultivating the farm and, picking up the potatoes and looking after the cattle. These jobs have a very short duration. They extend from the months of August-October. You can even drive a tractor as a part of such jobs. This is how you can spend time as a helper on a farm.

Bartender jobs

Many other kinds of jobs are also available which are ideal for the fun-loving type. These jobs are bartender jobs. Although certification is needed for such jobs, many bars don’t require such certification. They can actually hire you if you know how to hand a pint of liquor out.

These jobs are available all-round the year in Canada because people tend to drink throughout the year. So, you will be employed throughout the year.

Dishwashing jobs and waitressing jobs

A dishwasher can also be a great job. You are required to do dishes, however, you are given gloves to do so.

Other kinds of job which is available are the job of a waitress. This is an ideal job because you just have to wait for tables. There are also generous tips paid out to you. You can earn a great deal of money to extend your trip further in Canada. It’s better to have complete information about the working hours prior to joining. You might be only serving during breakfast and lunch and not during dinner time. You can also work as a temp worker. This means you work in seasonal jobs for short durations. You also get paid good rates which are more than the minimum wage rate. Such temp jobs are taken care of by your agent. So, you can have jobs such as fruit picking and cashmere processing which is all about sorting goat hair so that it can be woven into cashmere. 

Receptionist jobs

Jobs at the front desk of a hostel are also great especially if you have an attractive personality. Apart from that, if you have experience dealing as a sales assistant, these jobs are great. Perks include rooms at lower rates offered to you apart from cheap meals and drinks. However, sometimes, you may be required to cook also as this job requires multiple skills.

Car washing jobs

Car washing jobs are also available in Canada. The working hours are low for this kind of job. You just have to work for 25-40 hours a week which is quite laid back.

You can also work as a call center worker if you have experience in this profile.

Getting a Canada Work Visa or Canada working holiday visa is simple. It simply requires you to be able to live in Canada for two years. You must have the right age for it, which must be between older than 18 and less than 35. If you meet all the requirements of the Canada Work Permit, you’ll be getting your Canada work visa.

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