Canadian Immigration encouraged through the PNP stream

Recent changes to Saskatchewan’s occupation list have boosted a lot of confidence in Canadian immigration. The government will increase the number of immigrants drawn through the PNP programs from 61,000 in 2019 to a higher number of 71,300 in the year 2021. This kind of change is reflected in changes such as adding 13 new occupations to the Saskatchewan demand in-occupations list. More changes in various PNPs have taken place. Get to know how you can get the Canada PR visa from Australia.

Canadian Immigration Nova Scotia inviting candidates in the Financial auditors and accountants’ profile

Nova Scotia is also taking in new profiles for its PNP stream. These profiles include those of Accountants and Auditors. This is quite a positive change for those willing to immigrate to Canada as per the Nova Scotia provincial nominee program. As per the changes made in the occupations in demand list of Nova Scotia, there are currently 11 occupations on that list. Apart from Financial Auditors and Accountants, there are profiles of Other financial officers, Administrative Assistants, Accounting And Related Clerks, Civil Engineers, Professional Occupations in Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, etc. Therefore, candidates can apply if they have a year’s experience in the profile.

They have to apply through the Express Entry system. Apart from that, they should also have a score that is not less than CLB7. They can also show proficiency in French if unable to get a score of CLB7 in English. The name of the Canadian Immigration stream for this profile is Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Category B. It closed for applications as of now in 2019.

Nova Scotia also took candidates through the labor market priorities stream. Earlier this stream which is related to express entry invited only early childhood educators. However, it is now inviting financial auditors also. The draw was conducted for this stream on January 24th, 2019. Application for this stream is made through the express entry. No employment offer is needed for candidates to get invited as per this stream.

Ontario sets a higher immigrant number for 2019

Ontario has also asked for a higher immigrant quote through its PNP in 2019. It will allow 6,900 immigrants in the year 2019.  These invitations will be issued through the various Canadian Immigration streams which are related to the Express Entry stream. These streams are the skilled trades stream, the French-speaking stream, and the human capital priorities stream. Apart from these streams, there are also the Ontario immigrant nominee programs. This has streams such as the Master’s Graduate Stream, Ph.D. graduate stream, and Employer Job Offer stream. Which include the International Students stream(students in Ontario with an employment offer), Foreign worker stream(a skilled worker from abroad with proposed employment), and in-demand skills stream(candidates with job offers in agriculture and construction).  

Canada closing down immigrants coming through the refugee route

Although Canada has been increasing targets for its provincial nominee programs. There also have been talks about restricting the number of refugees. Canada is now conducting talks with the USA about the closing of the Safe Third Country agreement. Through this immigrants arrive at the Canadian border and then get caught in order to get immigrant status as a refugee. 40,000 people have come to Canada through the illegal immigration route. By crossing the border between US and Canada and asking for refugee status in Canada.

As per a new bill that will be introduced, anyone who has asked for a refugee claim in other countries, can’t do so in  Canada. Canada only wants immigrants coming to its country through the legal way of Express Entry. And when it wants to choose refugees. It wants to choose them on its own, as in the case of Syria.

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