Canadian work in the US

As a Canadian, how can you work in the US?

Can a Canadian work in the US: Trade NAFTA (TN) visa is to be taken by a Canadian when he wants to immigrate to the US. He should be given a job by a US employer in one of the occupations which are a part of the NAFTA treaty. There are certain obligations for a company that must be met for a TN visa. This visa is important for Canadian citizens and can only be granted to them apart from a citizen of Mexico. 

You can get this visa for 3 years and work in the US. However, it can be renewed for a long time, if one wishes to work in the US with the same employer for more than 3 years.

How can a Canadian work in the US?

The dependents of the TN visa holders including their spouse and children who are not yet 21 can get the TD -1 visa. However, the duration of this visa can’t be more than the duration of the visa held by the TN visa holder. This TD-1 visa does not get the privilege of a TN visa holder to be employed, however, they can pursue studies based on this visa. If the spouse is not a Canadian citizen, however, he/she is still eligible for the TD visa. However, this visa requires a more complicated application procedure at the consulate of the US. TN status is given when Canadian citizens come to a US port of entry. They get status when they enter the US airport. 

All the Canadian citizens need to get this status is to pass through a preclearance port at a Canadian airport. US customs and border protection officers check the Canadian travelers before approving their status. So, they don’t get a visa as such.

To get the TN status, the following documents are needed:

  • The US employer who has offered him a job
  • Proper certificates and degrees
  • Letters of experience from past employers if required
  • Employment certificates indicate how you are suitable for the job.

How to get a TN Visa

You have two ways to get this TN visa status. This implies when you cross the Canadian border and enter the US border, you can get this status. A 50 USD fee is only required for someone to get this status. If there are any flaws in the application, you can enter the US port of entry again with a renewed application. A US border officer is responsible for deciding whether your application is correct or not. Once your TN status is accepted, you can enter the US and start your employment.

You have to spend a fee of 50 USD to get this visa approved. Apart from that, a 6 dollars fee is also to be incurred if you are trying to enter the US through a sea border. This fee is also incurred if you are trying to get into the US through a land border.

Your employer can also make sure that your application is put on your behalf. So, he can provide form I-129 to the USCIS. This includes form I-129. When this form I-129 is approved, it can be provided as proof to the US immigration officer at the port of entry. An inspection fee is also required to be paid. If found applicable you can get the TN status immediately. That’s how can a Canadian work in the US.

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