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In case I Lose my Job in Australia,what are the Unemployment Benefits I can get?

It’s simple to reside in Australia without a job, but not for long. When you have the PR of this country, you can claim unemployment benefit but for that previous residence in this country for a 104 weeks period is necessary.

When you already have lived in this country for 104 weeks on PR?

Australia government is going to provide you, unemployment benefits as per the Newstart allowance scheme which implies that you have payments made to you every two weeks in this scheme. In this scheme,  you have to convince the government, that you are genuinely looking for a job and not enjoying yourself sitting at home.  Therefore, it’s important that the candidate needs to get himself registered with the job active which is an employment services provider. After this, they need to prove that they are looking for jobs. In fact, this authority monitors their job seeking activities. So, if the candidate stops going to job interviews his unemployment benefits are likely to get cancelled.

The payments to candidates are dependent on what is their status, i.e. whether they are married or not. If the candidates are married, then they can claim up to 492.80 AUD each. But if you are not married or have a partner, the payments vary. You can get up to, 545.80 AUD, if you don’t have kids and 762.40 AUD(you are the principal carer)when you have kids.  So, these are the payment schemes for the unemployed in Australia. The candidate needs to also, disclose his job plan to get such payments. At the time of registering himself for these payments, the candidate needs to earn a low amount of 104 AUD every two weeks. This is the maximum income limit. So, Australia government provides full help to those who don’t have a job. It also helps in improving your job-related skills. There is help available for improvement in English and Maths. When candidates have better communication skills, they are likely to get jobs.

Apart from unemployment benefits, the candidates can also receive payments when they have a kid. However, these payments are only available, when the child is of a certain age.

PR for Australia

The PR for Australia is likely to be granted once you have the relevant aggregate of 65 points. This score is attainable if you have the credibility as per the opinion of the Australian government. This is only possible if you have education, age, and experience.

The candidate has to, understand that to get these many points, some hard work is required. Apart from getting the most reliable advice from Nile Migration, you need to work hard on English speaking skills. The English speaking skills are the prime-most criteria for a candidate to get immigration here. The candidate should have scores equal to 7 or more in all the bands in the IELTS test. The candidates can get these scores by having a reasonable score in IELTS. Without such scores, the candidates cant immigrate to Australia, unless they are a PhD or have an employer offering them employment. We at Nile Migration also let you know the other routes through which Australia immigration becomes possible.

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