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Who Is the Cheapest and Best Canadian Immigration Agent in India, Assuming I Already Have an Express Entry Profile?

It depends on how many express entry points have been scored by you. In the draw which just happened a few days back on 26th March, the candidates with 446 points have also been selected.

It’s important to know that there are certain things that you need to check before going to a Canada immigration agency. The most important part is that it should be registered with ICCRC. You can verify whether the consultancy you are opting for has this accreditation by logging on the relevant website of ICCRC.

You can also get to know about such accreditation by going to the office of a consultancy in person. When in the office, you can ask about the certification. Most probably it will be displayed in frames on walls.  Then there are websites which mention the reviews of clients who have already dealt with this consultancy. You can google to find out such reviews and read them thoroughly.

Once you get an ITA, there are several other procedures with which only a Canada immigration agency can help you with. A  candidate who has created an express entry profile does not mean he will be applicable to receive the much-coveted Invitation to apply(ITA). For that, he needs to have the right CRS score. This score depends on his age, his past work experience including any if in Canada, his education which gets higher points as per the CRS if some of it has been pursued in Canada.

There are numerous certificates that have to be submitted after getting an ITA. There should be evidence of the previous employment records. It’s important to know that any consultancy will tell you from the moment you get in touch with them whether you are eligible to go to Canada or not. They won’t misguide you. Anyways anyone who has created a profile might not be aware of the qualifying score. So, an agency will help you with creating the right kind of profile which makes you applicable for the receipt of an ITA. So, an agency will make you aware about the qualifying score for IELTS which is required as per your other scores for age, qualifications, the experience of work etc. An express entry profile cannot be created without a score equivalent to the standard of CLB7 in IELTS, however, it’s no guarantee to get an ITA. Without all this knowledge, you will waste money on getting the educational credential assessment and appearing for IELTS exam. These processes cost money and through you can create your express entry profile with such requirements, your profile won’t get an ITA for you. An IELTS exam costs about Rs 11,300 which can completely go waste. Also, there are costs for ECA, which has costs of assessment over and above the delivery charges of 200 CAD of this report to your home.

So, you must opt for an agency which has an individual case manager assigned to your case. This will make sure that you know whom to correspond to in case of your visa. You will be kept in the loop when the express entry profile gets created. You should also see the experience of the consultancy with regards to Canada immigration. Nile Migration which is a growing at  a fast rate has experience in providing qualitative Canada immigration solutions to individuals from all walks of life.

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