Canadian Experience Class Express Entry

Why To Choose Canada Express Entry Program For Immigration To Canada

There are several reasons why people choose Canada as an ultimate destination for immigration. The country is multi cultural, has a strong economy, a great job market with several opportunities and it also a high standard of living. Living here is also affordable; people can take advantage of multiple immigrant services and support so they can adjust well in Canada. The country is peaceful and has a low crime rate.

If you are a skilled worker with the right qualifications, you can get a chance to come to Canada and make it your new home with the new Canadian Experience Class Express Entry System.

What is Express Entry System?

If you are looking to immigrate to Canada, this is a piece of good news for you! The government of Canada has officially released the Express Entry System in January, 2015 that is meant to ease out the immigration policies so that the migrant communities are encouraged to immigrate to Canada. It is an electronic system where the immigration authorities manage all the applications related to Permanent Residence (PR). It is covered under the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

How to go about it?

An individual who is interested in migrating to Canada will have to complete the profile in Express Entry System. This forms the first step of enrolment and this can be done at any time. Any number of applicants can be accepted on the Express Entry Pool, there is no limit to it.

The applicants who are selected in the Express Entry Pool are then invited to apply for the Permanent Residence. Several rounds of invitation are sent across, all round the year. Only the top ranking candidates are selected by the immigration authorities. This clearly shows that only the skilled candidates are a priority for the government, even if they are chosen by an Express Entry pool.

Different stages of the application process

  1. The candidates are required to submit an express entry profile for Canada Experience Class Visa. Earlier the candidates were selected on a first come, first serve basis. Now the candidates who meet the requirements of the Federal economic immigration are selected in the Express entry pool. They are then assessed on a ranking system that is based on skills such as language proficiency, academic qualification, work experience in Canada and other factors that ensure success in Canada.
  2. Candidates are invited to apply for the Canada Permanent Residence Visa.
  3. The candidates need to produce all the authentic documents to the immigration authorities. The information provided should match with the documents.
  4. After receiving the invitation, the candidates need to submit their application with documents within 60 days.
  5. The candidates need to take a language proficiency test. A photo copy of the test result needs to be enclosed. Proficiency can be proved in English or French.
  6. The candidates must undergo police checks and verifications. Having a police certificate signifies that the candidate does not have any criminal records against them.

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