Combining Pleasure and Work on Your Trip to Canada

Do you want to travel to Canada? However to make your trip a little bit more comfortable, would it be great if you had a few extra dollars in hand? Well, thanks to the various international policies and understanding, you can now get a working permit in Canada while you tour the place! This is just the right opportunity to mix pleasure and business.

Sounds interesting right? Want to know more? Well, if you want to apply for a working holiday visa canada for Australians and want to know the details, then here are some of basic things that you need to keep in mind

  1. Eligibility: The most important part for your application is that you have to first find out whether you are eligible or not. There are certain criteria that you have to fulfil in order to be considered for the work permit. First and foremost, the country that you will be travelling from needs to have an agreement with Canada that will make you eligible for obtaining an IEC work permit. IEC stands for International Experience Canada. You can also use a recognized organization. There are more than 30 countries with each Canada has pacts and treaties and hence you won’t find it difficult to find a recognized organization. Different organizations allow for different kinds of work permit. There are a lot of details that you need to check out in this sector before you send in your application.
  2. When should you apply for this visa: This visa is perfect for you if you want to work and travel. It will help you to fund your trip to Canada and you will be able to earn a few extra dollars so that your trip can be more comfortable. If you do not already have a job offer and have no qualms in working for more than one employer in multiple locations then you should definitely send in an application for this work permit, since it will be just the perfect way to collect funds for your trip.
  3. The process of application: The process for applying for canada working visa Australia is a simple three tiered structure:
  4. First you need to answer a few questions online. Factors like which country’s citizen you are, where is your permanent residence, which is your current country of residence, whether or not you are a student, whether or not you have a job offer elsewhere etc will be taken into account in these questions.
  5. After successfully completing the first step, then you need to create your IEC account. This is not a very tedious task. All you need to do is take care that you furnish your account with all the correct information and have the documents ready in your hand if they are needed for verification.
  6. Only after creating your IEC account will you be able to apply for your work permit by filling up their online application form.

This visa is one of the best ways to fund your trip when you are planning to travel to Canada. So if a tour of Canada is what you want, start the application process today.

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