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What are the Conditions for applying for a dependent PR for Australia? Can I Get a Visiting visa to Australia During the processing Period?

A partner visa Australia is quite useful for you to immigrate to this country while your dependent PR is yet to be granted. The 309 visa is a kind of partner visa which allows you to stay for a brief period of time in his country. This visa is necessary because it takes time to get the dependent PR Australia. You apply for both the visas 309 and 100(dependent PR Australia visa) at the same point of time with an application fees of just 7,000 Euros.

The best part about this partner visa is that application can be made from your home country, in this case, India. All the other conditions for this visa are the same as those of visa 820. This spouse visa Australia is granted to all those who are in a relationship of matrimony with an Australian citizen or even those who hold a PR for that matter. Also, anyone who is in a conjugal living relationship with an Australian is acceptable for visa 309. The only condition is that on this visa, it ends when visa 100 is granted/denied to you. The visa 100 is a permanent kind of spouse visa Australia. If you are applying for this visa along with your dependent children, once granted, your children are also given this visa.

The privilege associated with the 309 visa involves moving from and back to Australia a desirable number of times. The visa 100, has the privilege of allowing a visa holder to go back to his native land and come back to Australia an unlimited number of times for a time of 5 years. However, after 5 years, if he wishes to leave Australia and come back here, a residency return visa is required. The Australian government requires proof of your marriage for Australia 309 visa to be granted to you. So, the marriage should be genuine. Apart from that, the mandatory condition is that both the applicant for the spouse visa Australia and spouse visa should have been living together and not away from each other.

You can use the following documents as evidence for the live-in relationship to apply for the 309 spouse visa which is given for a low period of time:

  1. These should be the details of how destiny first introduced them
  2. Then how the relationship progressed to a later stage
  3. Apart from that, its also important how the couple, survives in the relationship, what their financial arrangements are.
  4. What does the couple plan to do in the future?

The government uses evidence to certify whether the couple has been living together or not to provide them with 309 spouse visa?

  • Whether the lease of the house is in the names of both the partners?
  • Whether all the letters and mails belonging to the couple are sent to their address?
  • Even the bank statements let the government know whether the couple shares economic responsibility and whether they have taken loan together

In certain cases, a couple which is applying for the visa 309, can be excluded from meeting this condition for the grant of this visa.

  • If the couple has a child together, then there is no need to be in a live-in relationship to get the temporary spouse visa Australia(visa 309). So, in this case, there is no reason for the compelling condition of being together for 12 months being true.

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