Permanent Residence Visa in Canada

Confused About IELTS Score Requirement For Canada PR? Find Answer To All Your Questions

Canada is the land where everyone has so much of ease of living. Its because Canada has no problems in amalgamating everyone.

The candidates need to however work hard to get this level of proficiency. Its very important for them, to make sure that the Canadian government does not feel any kind of apprehension while accepting candidates as per their IELTS scores. There is no need to worry about the settlement of a candidate here once he has good scores in this language. It’s quite true that with the right scores, you won’t have any problem facing the ambience here.

Now, since the government of Canada accepts everybody on the basis of attributes such as age, English language, experience of work, and the qualifications which make you capable of working here.

There are many choices which a candidate has once he decides to get the immigration of Canada:

Opt for great education and you don’t much need a higher score of IELTS(only CLB8): Candidates who are professionally qualified don’t need a very great score in this exam. Its actually true that, candidates who have professional qualifications, are able to get the jobs here. So, for any candidate who have the professional qualifications get 126 points. That’s why, its stressed that you this much education. Now, the current total of  441, points you are, likely to get, 75 points which can be gained with a job offer(50) points and 25 points with a good level of native country work experience ( 3 years or more) combined with CLB 8 score in english. The 240 points are left which can be gained with 88 points for English(CLB8) and 100 points for age can be gained for 20-29 years of age. Now, you can get 25 points for English language proficiency(CLB8) and 2 degrees consisting of graduation and post-graduation. For a score of CLB 8, you need a band score of 7.5 in the listening band and 6.5 in 3 bands.  126 points can be gained for post secondary education consisting of masters also. 30 points can be gained for your French language skills which cannot be less than NCLC7.

A worker who has gained education in Canada: There is a lot of significance which is given to someone who has done some education in Canada. So, if you have two posts secondary degrees and you have done either graduation or post graduation from Canada, he can 30 points for it. So, under that kind of scenario you are exempted from giving the French level exams to get the required total point score of 441. You can appear for the, IELTS exams and get 88 points for the CLB 8 score and 126 points for your education after the 12th standard. To get 197 remaining points, you need to get 100 points for your age 20-29 and 50 points for skill transferability factors and 50 points more for a job offer in Canada.

So, it’s not all tough to get Canada immigration when you have education of this country or a good score of French. You can suffice with scores of CLB 8 in English then.

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