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What is Considered Full Time Work by the Australian Bureau?

A 38 hour week is prescribed for every full-time employee in Australia.

Australia is a fair country when it comes to working. There are working rules and hours which have been established. National employment standards are prescribed for every profession here.

In fact, all the employers in Australia are entitled to provide someone with the number of leaves as given in these employment standards. As per these employment standards, there are 122 specific “awards” which govern professions. And these Awards decide the salaries and the other regulations for professions.

When an employer has insisted on signing an agreement, with an employee at the time of hiring, the wages as listed in the agreement and the other rules apply to the employee instead of those in the award. However, the conditions in the agreement are similar or better than those listed in the award. Awards or agreements govern every kind of employment, whether its full time, part time or casual.

Kinds of employees in Australia

The Australia Fair Work authority has established three kinds of employees for the benefit of labor in this country. These employees are full-time employees, part-time and casual employees.  For an employee to be fulltime, he needs to be, working for 38 hours every week. And the rest of the employment conditions are governed by the award for the profession. Just like a full-time employee, the part-time employee also gets the same benefits in terms of leaves because he also works for a fixed number of hours every week which is less than 38 hours.

However, the payment for such hours depends on the per hour payment rates.

The third kind of employee is the casual employee, which does not consist of a fixed number of hours every week. However, such employees are not subject to any kind of leave benefits. The great part about being a casual employee is that you can get rid of employment any time you want, without giving a notice to the employer. However, if your award or the agreement, mentions a notice, then it’s required at the time of quitting employment for a casual employee.

Australian awards which decide your pay scale

 The awards govern the pay scales which are applicable to different kind of employees. So, if an employee knows his award, he/she has the perfect information about what his pay rates are, and can’t be exploited. Sime the Australian workers are governed by skill assessment, their pay scales are also decided by their levels. For example, for the profession of a “graphic designer”, there are 4 levels of payscales eligible which is levels 5, 6, 7 and 8. These levels are applicable to those who are working as professionals and not as trainees/apprentices in the “graphic designer” profile. So, your skill assessment done at the time of immigration will decide for how many points you are eligible. As we discussed before, if you have the award governing your occupation, then all the leaves allowances are also governed by it. The overtime rates are also decided by the award only.

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