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Which Country is the Best Option for Immigration and Employment, Australia or Canada?

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. – Mark Twain

Anybody who wants to move abroad for the purpose of working should know which country provides him with the easiest existence. The country of Australia provides you with such brilliant options when it comes to working in IT profiles.

How to get a job in Australia?

The country of Australia has a rigid immigration structure which assesses applicants thoroughly. There is no scope for relaxation as you need to have either a state to provide you with sponsorship.

So, the candidate should have the right knowledge about the jobs market like if you are in a “hot” profile. Right now, the “hot” profiles are different for every state in Australia. Its easier to be able to get employed in such jobs and hence get job offers even before you have immigrated. So, you get 5 points by being able to get state nomination( the190 visa) because you have a job in a “hot profile”. So, choose the 190 visa, for a certain state, by making sure workers of your profile are needed there, and you have the maximum possibility of getting a job.

How to get the job offer in Canada?

In Canada, there are jobs for candidates in the Banking sector. Accountants are in demand here because of the resurgence in the financial sector. This has led to an increased need for skilled accountants who can handle jobs like filing taxes.

Business analysts are required in this country because of the nature of this job. Right now, technology is getting adopted very fast in Canada and these analyst guys let you know which software to buy for your company. With a wrong choice of the software to buy, everything can go wrong for your company.

Believe us, if you are a business analyst who has worked in the IT industry for some time, you will get a job in this country like no one else.

Another hot profile in Canada right now is the Software Engineer. Since everything is so technical right now, from Smartphones to cars; who does not need software engineers. These are the guys who create software for technologies used in such products. Moreover, there are now mobile apps used in every industry for every company and as such software engineers have a great need in Canada.

To land up jobs quickly in this country, if you are in one of these profiles, you are easily going to get an employment letter even prior to your Canada immigration.

However, even if you are not one of these profiles, you can then find out whether your job is in the required NOC codes as per the PNP(provincial nominee program). When you have experience in any one of such NOC codes, a job offer will be waiting for you from a Canadian province.

When you are in Canada or Australia, nothing can wrong with you when you have us to guide you rightly, how to get there.

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