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Which Country is Better to Live in, England or Canada?

Its quite complicated to get the PR of England, without which you can’t live here. Canada, however, has an acceptable immigrant rate. The permanent residence card of the UK is only available to those who have resided in this country for 5 years. This visa is however not required by someone who is a citizen of the European Economic Area to live here. In case, such a candidate has lived here for 5 years he can live here further, without getting the PR card.

Since this UK permanent residency card is only granted after a 5 year period, anyone, who wants to live in this country initially should have the residence card. The residents of India can get this residence permit if they have been sponsored for work here because they can then live here for 5 years. This is only possible once they are able to get the Tier 1(exceptional talent) visa which is given to those who have some extraordinary ability in their field. For getting this visa one has to get an endorsement in the domain of work(humanities, science, medicine, engineering, arts or digital technology). The candidate should wait for this endorsement for 2 months after application.

The process of endorsement for getting the British PR

This visa allows someone to stay in the UK for a long time(5 years 4 months). The first stage is endorsement without which you can’t get this visa at all. The endorsement from the specific bodies getting immigration in this visa is given. 456 Euros are needed to apply for this endorsement. After the application for endorsement is submitted at the Home Office pertaining to your domain of education and experience, you have to wait for its approval. There are different competent bodies for different domains such as The Royal Academy of Engineering for those who want to immigrate as engineers to this country. The Home Office forwards your application for the Tier 1 visa to the concerned designated office. In fact, the Home Office has a right to know why a certain endorsement application was not approved by the concerned competent body.

In fact, the candidate can also file a petition for the review of the endorsement application after it has been rejected. The Home Office has authorized such review petitions.

The candidate should know that only the endorsement can’t decide that he will get the tier 1 visa. After getting the endorsement, he has to apply to the home office to get this visa which is the final decision making authority.

PR of Canada

In contrast, to that, the country of Canada does not require someone to meet the residence requirements for PR. The concerned person should have, a reasonable number of CRS points without which his application for permanent residency won’t be approved. This visa has a limited number of seats available, approximately 2000 per year. So, apply before there are no vacant seats.

So, in a way immigrating to Canada is much simpler.

The rules for citizenship of Canada are also pretty easy to oblige with. A candidate just needs to be residing here for 3 years to get the citizenship and should not be absent from Canada during this time. Someone who wants the British citizenship should be here for 6 years.

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