Which Country is Better for PR Amongst Canada & Australia for an Indian?

Canada has truly been a ray of sunshine for immigrants all over the world, due to its flexible policies. These are the reasons why Canada should be the selected country for your permanent residency visa.

Better Rules for accommodating immigrants: The Canada government has made rules to facilitate the number of immigrants here. At the beginning of the year only, Mr. Ahmed Hussein announced, that the number of immigrants allowed to this country at 310,000 in 2018. This target also includes the numbers allowed to this country based on spouse and parent and grandparent visas.

So, the country of Canada is making efforts to accommodate as many people as it can, but subject to immigration rules.

Multiple benefits of living in Canada: Being in Canada has pleased immigrants because of so many extraordinary features of this country. When you take your spouse and children with you to this country, you know that this is where they belong. Everything about Canada has been oriented to raise a family, so there are perfect schools, cheaper houses and a safe society free from crime. Even the healthcare is provided at subsidized rates through Medicare.

Immigrant-serving organizations: As mentioned before Canada has suited every aspect of its infrastructure to please immigrants.  So there are programs which are meant to make sure that you get the necessary help to live a meaningful life here.  There is an Immigration Access Fund which is especially meant for immigrants and provides them with financial help to pay the costs of any kind of training if so ever needed for getting employment here.

Just like Canada, Australia also has benefits of living here.

New Zealand becomes accessible: You can travel to New Zealand without getting any visa when you have gotten a PR from Australia.

Excellent payscales: Due to such demand, the incomes of the professionals are also high with, AU$75,084 annual income for a software engineer.

So, whether you should choose Canada or Australia?

Ease of immigration: Canada requires Educational credential assessment whereas Australia needs skill assessment for immigration approval. Out of both, skill assessment is rougher to obtain. So, when comparing both the countries, in terms of ease of immigration, Canada is a better choice.

Cost of living: The costs of living are more in Australia as compared to Canada. The city of Toronto has the lower costs of accommodation in comparison to Sydney. The costs of housing are 28% higher in Sydney than in Toronto. So, if you plan for your housing costs to be cheaper, Toronto is better.

Its quite advisable to take help from a consultant if you are confused about Canada and Australia. Our consultants have handled so many cases since our inception and are aware of the living conditions in both of these countries. So, depending on your goals, related to your immigration, our consultants assist you in making a choice, whether Canada or Australia.

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