Which Country’s Process is Easier and Quicker for Spouse Visas, Canada or Australia?

There is a need for a spouse visa for those who could not immigrate with their partners. As far as the Canada spouse visa is concerned, there should be an application made under the form 1344 for it.

The spouse visa for Australia is granted within a time period of 15 months after application. The Canada spouse visa, however, takes two years to be granted to a candidate.

Procedure for the Canada spouse visa

The 1344 form can be used for sponsorship application of your spouse or any child, who has not even become 22 years. It’s important to have this sponsorship application because you can also sponsor your live-in partner under this application. Now, the documents which are required for this visa are quite comprehensive in nature.

The spouse visas generally require an assurance from the sponsor, that there won’t be any expenditure which will be required from the side of the sponsored to be borne by the Canadian government. Even if the sponsored has to meet any expenditure, they will be borne by the sponsor or the sponsored but not the government of Canada.

The sponsor will be responsible for the expenditures of the sponsored until and unless the latter gets the citizenship of Canada. This responsibility of the sponsor holds even if his relationship with the sponsored does not hold any longer. The sponsor is still required to bear all the expenses of the sponsored even if, the sponsor has become financially broke.

The sponsor has to fill another form apart from the form 1344. This other form is the IMM 5532E. It requires the sponsor to provide all the information about himself which includes, the employers for whom he has provided his services in the last 60 months. This kind of information includes everything about the employers who employed you, the income you earned while working for a specific employer. These details also include the time period for which you worked for a specific employer. These kinds of details assure the IRCC that the sponsor is in a condition to take on the responsibility of the sponsored.

What is the procedure for the Australia sponsor visa?

Australia sponsor visa is for those who are ready to sponsor their partners with whom they have been in a relationship for the last 12 months or for a period of one year. This visa is not immediately granted to the sponsored but is granted in two stages. The applicant has to pay 7000 AUD for both these stages at the same time.  All the documents like the marriage certificates should be ready 2 months prior to the approval of the 801 visa.

At first, the sponsored only becomes eligible to be given the temporary resident visa(820 visas) if him/her and the sponsor are in a live-in relationship for 1 year or in a matrimonial alliance at the time of getting the visa. If you are not able to get this visa, owing to the nature of your relationship, with your partner, then you won’t get the permanent resident visa(801 visas).

So, what happens once you are able to get the temporary residence visa. After you have this visa because of a 12-months live-in relationship, you can get the 801 visa for the spouse after a period of 24 months. However, if you are married at the time of getting the 820 visa, you can get the 801 visa after a short time span.

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