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What Is the Difference Between 189 and 190 Visa?

The Australia immigration seekers are quite confused these days, about which visa to opt for, whether Australia 189 or 190 visa. Both are a kind of Australia PR visa, but have various processes available to get them. The 189 visa requires the candidate to get the sum of 60 points to avail it whereas for 190 visa Australia, there should be a state or provincial nomination available to the candidate. Such nomination happens once the profile of a candidate is shortlisted for such nomination.

Difference between 189 and 190 visa

The 189 visa is quite useful for those who can score high points as per their degree, qualifications, knowledge of the English language, and experience.


The candidate for this visa can get good points for his degree provided he is a PhD. A candidate who holds such a degree which is found to be equivalent to an Australian doctorate degree can get up to 20 points.

In case, a candidate holds just a master’s or a bachelor’s degree, he is likely to get only 15 points.

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Work experience:

The experience of a candidate is also important because the Australian government needs experienced candidates to carry out the work. First of all, a candidate should remember that his work experience outside Australia only gets recognised while applying for the 189 visa, when the experience has been assessed by the relevant assessing authority for the same.

There is the category of the skilled experience for earning points under visa 189 for immigration Australia. A candidate can get 15 points under this category when his experience is of 8-10 years duration outside Australia. However, anyone below 3 years of experience can’t look forward to immigrate to this country because he wont get any points for his work experience. A candidate should have at least 3-4 years of experience to get points for his work experience. Now, age of the candidate is also quite crucial when he must get points for his age for clearance under visa 189. The Australian government does not allow immigration to candidates above the age of 45 under visa class 189. The maximum benefit accrues to candidates aged between 18-24 years who get 25 points. So, when your total points are 60, you can then proceed forward and then submit your Expression of Interest, mentioning the total points of 60 or more earned by you including your birth certificate and those pertaining to education and the skilled assessment certificate as awarded by the relevant authority.

Its important to understand that a candidate who is applying for the 189 visa, should have nominated or chosen an occupation for his Australia PR visa under this category. The experience of a candidate outside Australia is given validity when the experience is in a profile which is quite like this nominated occupation.

Now, let’s talk about 190 visa Australia.

Now, under the visa 190, the candidate should have received sponsorship for immigration by a state or  government agency. However, he still ought to have a point score of 60 for the relevant criterion of age, education and experience and IELTS score. Australia consists of states like Tasmania, Western Australia, New South wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia. Apart from these states, the territories which are applicable for visa 190 are, Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory. The skilled occupation lists of these states gets released from time to time. You are to choose an occupation under the same and get your experience assessed for it. The Victoria skilled occupation list was modified on 17th January 2018.For example, the state has demand now for Civil Engineers with minimum experience of 5 years and 7.0 scored in each band of IELTS.So, the candidate needs to provide an EOI(Expression of interest) via SkillSelectafter checking the skilled occupation list of the state to which he is interested in immigrating. Then, if he is EOI is selected and he gets nominated by a relevant agency of territorial or state governments, he will receive an ITA for immigration. After that, he can make a formal application for this visa.

The main distinction between these two visas, is that you can get to live in any part of Australia under the 189 visa, whereas 190 visa, is only applicable for that state which has approved your Expression of interest.

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