EB5 investor visa

What Is the Difference Between the E-2 and Eb-5 Visa?

US is taking major steps to get more investment into the country.

No permanent immigration under E2 visa:

The major difference between an EB5 investor visa and an E2 visa is that the former allows an investor to settle permanently in US while the latter does not allow an investor to settle here permanently. He can only get to live for five or two years and get this visa renewed after every two years.

Restrictions on E2 visa:

Also, the EB5 visa is available to nationals of all the countries, where E2 visa, is restricted to nationals of those nations who have signed treaty relevant to this visa with the US. The holders of such visas are supposed to sign a proof of intent at the time of getting the visa. This is to prove that they will return to the country of their origin after their company ends its business.

Investment not mandatory in case of E2 business:

The E2 visa is also available to those employees of a certain business whose role is critical to running the business due to their unique skills. Such employees are not required to invest any money in the company.

The investment in case of the EB5 visa is 1 million USD whereas that in case of the E2 visa it should be a major proportion of the total investment made in the enterprise. The contribution of this investor should be the most when it comes to purchasing a new concern. The investment also must be made in a legitimate enterprise in case of E2 visa whereas the investment in case of an EB5 investor visa, is in a commercial enterprise operated by regional centres.

Difference in role of investor:

So, the E2 investor visa, requires the investor to have some major managerial position in the enterprise he is coming to direct. But in EB5 visa, the regional centre can take care of the enterprise on behalf of the investor.

Since the E2 visa holder is in charge of operations, he has to provide the US government with a business plan while applying for this visa. Also, its not always cash only that an investment needs to be made in. The investment can also be in the form of software or intellectual property and cash.

On the other hand, for holding an EB5 investor visa, for a long time, there should be more jobs added to the US economy. These jobs should be 10 in number and should exist for a duration of atleast 2 years for the investor to get the temporary green card.

No dependency visas granted:

There is also a major difference between the EB5 visa and the E2 visa, the latter does not provide dependency visas to the family of the investor. On the other hand, the spouses of such visa holders can work in the US by getting authorization for employment through the form I-765. The dependents of E2 visa holders are allowed derivative E2 visas for them to reside in US. The case is quite different for the EB5 investor visa holders and his family members who get a provisional green card for 2 years. They also become eligible for permanent green card after 21 months of entering the US on a provisional green card.

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