What is the Difference Between the Permanent Residency and the Non-Permanent Residency Status?

There is a very big difference between the two terms. The permanent residence has a PR card and does not need a visa to come and go from where he has got the PR.

As far as the nonpermanent residency status is concerned, there has to be, a temporary resident visa with the candidate. The TRV is one which allows a candidate to stay on a provisional basis in this country. This can include a study visa or a work visa.

The difference between both these visas is that the PR visa is one where the candidate can get his PR status refreshed which is not possible in case of a temporary resident status.

A permanent residency visa allows you to, move in and out of the country as many times you like. It’s not always possible that if you have been living as a temporary resident(TR)candidate in a country, you will become eligible, to get the PR visa.

Who is possible to convert his temporary resident status to a PR status?

Candidates who have arrived as students

The candidates who have arrived in Canada on a study visa and are able to gain work experience based on the Post Graduation Work Permit. The candidate gets the minimum of 8 months after, the study visa to find a job here. The candidate gets the time equal to the time spent in the education, in the post-graduation work permit. So, if he has a degree which is of 3 years, gives the candidate a time which is equal to three years to find a job after finishing his studies.

This is how a candidate gets experience in this country and becomes eligible to immigrate through the Canada Experience Class. The candidate gets his points for any kind of education received in Canada. This education can be as short as a certificate which has been gained from this nation after your high school. Even if you have gained the 12th standard education in this country, it is valid to get you points as per express entry. So, the Canada study permit is quite useful for you.

Candidates who are not doing any lucrative jobs cant get a visa

However, for candidates who have been doing a job in this country and don’t have any kind of useful experience cant get themselves approved for the PR later. These kinds of candidate pursue small-time jobs like truck driving and cant get the PR because of lack of any points for their employment. The Canada experience class only applies to someone once it complies with the NOC codes OF A, B, or 0 and it certainly does not include truck driving.

Candidates should also know English well

Apart from having experience, it’s also important to have the proper English language knowledge for you to get the visa. The requirement includes one to have CLB7 levels of English for professional experience of NOC code 0 or A and CLB 5 English levels for NOC code b.

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