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What are the Differences Between Canada PR and Canada Citizenship?

Everybody loves Canada and wants to be there. The country has a gorgeous landscape and apart from that, it does not have much of a population. The basic difference between a Canadian PR visa and Canadian citizenship is that the former does not allow a Canadian immigrant to vote whereas the latter does.

Canadian citizenship follows Canadian PR visa which implies that someone with a PR can only become a citizen. After becoming a PR holder in Canada, a PR card is issued to you which is similar to getting a green card in the US. So, you become entitled to so many benefits after availing this card which are:

  • You can get healthcare at negligible rates just like a Canadian citizenship holder. This is possible because the payments for such healthcare treatments come out of your tax payments.
  • You can live in a province depending on the one you choose while filling the application for your Express Entry or in any province if you chose all the provinces.
  • Although the Canadian PR visa holder is required to pay taxes, he can’t choose to work in specific government jobs. In fact, such jobs become only available to you once you become a Canadian citizen.
  • The Canadian PR visa holders can’t even stand in elections. The Canadian citizens are however allowed this privilege.
  • The permanent residents also have to live in this country for a time of at least two years in the huge time span of 5 years. Their PR visa status will be taken away from them once they are away from this country for a period of longer than 2 years in a timespan of 5years. However if someone sends you outside Canada together with your spouse who already has the status of Canada citizenship, then it’s not obligatory to fulfill the 2-year residency requirement.

The time for which you were away from Canada will not be excluded from your 2-year residency requirement.

  • Once you gain citizenship, it just does not expire. However, in case of Canadian PR visa, a renewal is needed after every 5 years. In case of citizenship, a passport from Canada is issued to you. However, in case of Canadian permanent residency, a PR card is provided. Once the candidate wishes to travel outside Canada, he needs to take his PR card along with passport of the country of which he is originally a citizen. One of the best parts about getting a Canadian citizenship is that you can go to so many countries without getting a visa specifically for them.

Once becoming a citizen, a candidate gets all the benefits which are available to those who gained citizenship of this county by virtue of being born here.

The citizenship can never be lost until and unless a citizenship holder chooses to give it up.permanent residence Canadian visa holder, then your child born outside this country does not get a Canadian citizenship status.

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