Is It Difficult to Get an Australian Tourist Visa?

Yes, it’s quite simple to get the visitor visa 600 under tourist stream for Australia. Under this visa, the candidate can go to the country of Australia for a period of either, a year, a quarter or even 180 days. The visa holders can also pursue studies while they are on this visa for the duration of 3 months.

For this visa to be relevant, a candidate needs to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Details of the hotel booked:

    He needs to provide proof of where he is going to stay if he is not getting sponsored and does not have a place to stay. So, he has to show the details of the hotel which he has booked for his accommodation in this country. Apart from all his flight tickets need to be shown as a proof that is he is visiting this country. So, an itinerary prepared in advance about the journey in Australia can also be shown.

  • Proof that you will go back:

    Under this visa, it’s mandatory to prove that you will go back to Australia after your stay ends. So, you can show that you plan to re-join your job after your stay in Australia ends. There can be proof of your kids returning back to studies at school or you going to work at your office after the stay ends.

  • Proof of your financial situation: A candidate is also required to show proof of his ability to pay for every good or service he gets in Australia. So, he should show his bank account statements and credit card statements to provide the authorities with such evidence.

Now for visitor visa 600, the business visitor stream is also applicable. Under that, a businessperson can go to this country to conduct activities which can help him in his business like getting more information about prospective Australian clients, making clients, or even enquiring about vendors. He can also visit offices of those who are conducting the same business as him.

So, he has to provide proof as to why he needs to be in Australia for the sake of his business:

  • If he plans to attend a conference, all the details of the conference including those of his registration for the same.
  • If he has been called to Australia by any organization which wants to do business with him, the evidence is the letter of invitation.
  • All the essential details of the trip to this country like which business parties are going to be on the
  • If the business person has previously conducted business with any organization in Australia, details of all those transactions.
  • You also need to provide evidence that you are conducting business in your native country. In this regard, an annual report for your company is sufficient.

If you are going to Australia, on this visa, as an employee, you need to provide in-depth information about your employer and what will you do whilst in Australia.

The application costs for both these streams of the 600 visa is AUD 140. So, it’s not so tough to get this visa, once you come to Nile Migration.

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