Working Holiday Visa in Canada

What is the Distinction Between an ETA Visa and a Canada Working Holiday Visa ?

Canada is a perfect destination for celebrating holidays because it has so many spectacular sights which include Niagara Falls. Now, you can go to Canada and explore the terrain there in 2 ways, either through the Working Holiday Visa or the ETA.

The Canada working holiday visa is only available to citizens of specific countries including Australians. However, the period of stay allowed is 2 years.

You can explore the entire Canadian landscape with just a passport from your home country and this visa, meeting different people, en-route.

When you return back from Canada, you are enriched in two ways, you have Canadian dollars in your bank account and memories in your mind. And the USP of this visa is that no employer is needed to make you get here. No more waiting for meeting with a Canadian employer who wants to provide you with visa sponsorship like in case of work permits.

Meaning of an ETA

An ETA, on the other hand, allows you many benefits but it is also valid for citizens of certain countries. With an ETA, no extra visa is needed if you wish to travel to this country. You can’t work, however, on an ETA.

It’s also so cheap to apply for this ETA because only 7 CAD is needed. The applicants get an email in such a short time span of 72 hours informing them, that their ETA is getting processed. The approval of the ETA is also conveyed through email.

A candidate can be in this country for short time periods for an approximate time of 6 months on an ETA. The validity of this ETA is 5 year.  Now ETA is an excellent way to enter Canada without getting a visa.

You also need to prove that you will easily be able to go out of the country once the 6 months ETA duration gets finished. For example, such ties can be shown through a job in the home country and the assets owned there. ETA is not available to Indians and they need a visitor visa to be in Canada for 6 months.

Fund requirement is necessary in case of an ETA as well as a working holiday visa.

The candidate should also be able to prove in case of an ETA that he won’t be taking any money from the government to be in Canada. The kind of money required varies with the duration of time, for which you will be a part of this country and the funds required for exiting Canada. This kind of fund requirement is needed when you have arrived in Canada and has to be shown to the Border Services Officer. The requirement for the fund can be less when the candidate has plans to stay with pals in a hotel. However, you need to know, that you can’t be allowed to get into the country of Canada on the basis of the ETA only. You can be returned from the Canadian airport if your documents including your bank statements showing mandatory funds are not complete

Moreover, the Working Holiday Visa has a definite fund requirement of 2,500 CAD for your total stay of 2 years.

Freedom to work-ETA and Canada working holiday visa

You can do anything in Canada, work, take a leave and again work, and all this for a time span of 2 years on a Canada working holiday visa. However, you cant work on an ETA.

This ETA is only needed for PR holders of US and the citizens of US are exempted from taking it while traveling to Canada. So, just buy the ticket for a Canadian journey and board the flight with only your passport, after getting an ETA.

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