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After I am done with ECA assessment and IELTS, how much time till I get the PR to Canada,?

The easiest part of the Canada immigration process is submitting the documents of the IELTS exam and the ECA online. However, the real task starts after the provision of these mandatory documents. You don’t know what to do afterward. The candidate can get the invitation to apply in a short time depending on the CRS score which you have gained.

The required score by a candidate also depends on how many candidates, applied with you. So, if there are many qualifying candidates in the pool who have obtained a decent CRS score, the required CRS goes up. When the CIC conducts draws, it tends to pick the profiles with the highest CRS.

The candidate if he has the score of 475 can get called the ITA next week after he has filed his IELTS and ECA reports online. The ITA should be given to you in a year following your online filing of documents. If you don’t get the ITA within 12 months, consider your Express Entry profile and the corresponding CRS score to be rejected.

How to increase the score and get an ITA quickly?

The candidate can aim for a better CRS score as follows:

Federal skilled worker: If you have filed an application for this form, you can earn more points, by making sure your CRS score, gets higher. These points can be earned, when you have more score in IELTS. Explaining the entire concept to you, the candidate can be rewarded once he has, a score which is excellent as per the CLB benchmark. Once you get CLB 10 in English, you can get 150(136+12) points for such a score combined with some decent score in French. This decent score should be equivalent to, CLB 7 which can make you score, 12 points.

Now, the Canadian government has made sure that candidates with French level knowledge can get adequate rewards for the same. The candidate can get 30 points extra apart from these 150 points if he is able to manage CLB 7. To get these extra 30 points, the candidate does not need a score of more than CLB 5 in English, however, with CLB 5, he will only get 4 points in English as a second language proficiency language.

Even if you are not able to get CLB 7 Score in French, you can try to get a CLB 5 score which will give you 4 points more which will make your total score for language proficiency equal to 4+136=140. So, you won’t have any extra points once you are not able to manage CLB 7 score in French.

Canadian experience class: This class just needs someone just to have experience in Canada. The candidate should have, 1 or more years of experience in Canada PR. However, with extra language efficiency, he can get better points. He can work hard to get CLB 10 scores in English which will make him eligible to get, at least 136 express entry points.

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