Which is the Easier Canadian PR Category to Get: Federal Skilled Workers or Canada Experience Class?

Its easier to get a visa because of the new rules which have been imposed by the Canadian government. There are the categories of the federal skilled workers or the Canadian experience class, which have been put together for the immigration of candidates to this land.

For Canada immigration, CEC is the best way

However, it’s simpler to get the visa as per the Canadian experience class because first of all, there are not so many people who hold experience in this category, so you don’t face any kind of competition. The Canadian government gives a high value to the candidates who have Canadian experience. As per the Express Entry Points, the candidates are able to get as much as 80 points when they have 5 years of experience in this country.

These points are easy to score because the Canadian government has so many jobs which are present for the foreigners. One should be aware of these jobs. Its also simpler to get this experience once you have your company is ready to depute you over there. The Canadian government does not give any points for your experience once it’s not even 1 year long.

Difference between CEC and FSW

Canadian experience class is the best way to get here because the government values your experience in this country. So, you don’t need any kind of recognition of your education in this country. On the other hand, the Federal Skilled Worker program is a little tough once you don’t have the job. Even if you have the job there is a need to score a good score in the French and the English language exams. So, there is a need for you to, have an at least CLB5 level of score in French. In English, you should aim to score, CLB 9 in the exam.

Its because you are only able to get 50 points for any work experience held in India. The candidate can get 25 points once he has 3 years of experience in India along with the fact that he is a post graduate, and the rest 25 out of these 50 points are applicable, once you have work experience of 3 years along with CLB 7. So, its really tough to get the Canada PR visa on the basis of work experience in India. You require a job offer, and CLB 9 and NCLC 5 in English and French respectively apart from a postgraduate degree.

A Canadian experience class candidate has an edge over the Federal Skilled Worker program candidate, because he gets 80 points, for his experience as compared to, the FSW candidate, who gets only 50 points. In fact, a CEC candidate gets 100 points more for his work experience once he has, the experience in his native country of 3 years.

So, the candidate has 170 points extra once if he has a CEC candidate rather than, an FSW candidate(50npoints)

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