Canada Express entry visa

Which is the easier way to get Canada PR? Express entry Or PNP

Canada PR is an amazing advantage in itself with the right to live in this country. All over the world, so many people are opting for it. It is true that Canada has two schemes for inviting people to this nation, one is Express Entry and another is PNP.

Express Entry is a permanent resident Canadian visa program which measures several characteristics including, the age and education of a candidate. The experience of a candidate is also used for calculating how useful he will be in Canada after immigration. That’s why, the experience of a candidate is useful  in making him eligible for Express Entry. In the newest Express Entry draw which happened, candidates with scores of 440 or more were selected.

The level of education of a candidate also decides how suitable he will be in Canada. If  a candidate has more degrees, the level of his adaptability is high. As Bachelors degree gets  a candidate a significant number of points equivalent to 112. However the real game changer is a Master’s degree along with a bachelor’s degree which gets you points equal to 126 or 135 when your spouse is not coming with you to Canada.

You can also get 64 points based on your skills in the English language. Since Canada consists of English speaking people, anyone who does not have knowledge of this language can’t survive. The Express Entry does not require someone to have a job offer from abroad which is necessary in case of  PNP programs including those of Prince Edward Island.

Work experience from the home country is also important for someone to get the permanent resident Canadian visa. So, the candidate must have an experience of 3 years. When he does not much experience, the permanent resident visa Canada can’t happen to him. He should also be able to grab some good scores in IELTS(CLB9) which can make him eligible for the PR of Canada. Apart from Express Entry, PNPs can also be used to get into Canada.

Distinction between PNP and Express Entry streams

A candidate who can get selected as per the PNP program can aim for a lower score in the IELTS exam but in Express Entry, a score equivalent to CLB 7 in IELTS is mandatory

For example, the “Critical worker “ PNP stream of Prince Edward Island requires candidates who have experience in 5 of the listed occupations which are Truck drivers, Housekeeping Attendants, Laborers, Customer Service Representatives, and servers. So, anyone who has been chosen for a 2year employment in any of these 5 profiles can apply for permanent resident visa Canada of Prince Edward Island. However, you can apply for the Express Entry, program without having the “mandatory” job offer. Express Entry, however, gives extra preference to candidates with employment in Canada and they get 50 points. The “skilled worker “ stream of Prince Edward Island  PNP program also chooses candidates and they should have been preferred for employment in a niche category of occupations. This employment should also be for a duration of 2 years as a job offer for a lesser duration can’t be counted. Another difference between the Express Entry and PNP programs is that the former has a mandatory requirement of CLB 7 as far as the knowledge in English of a candidate is concerned. However, a candidate can have a CLB 4 score in English if he is applying as per the “skilled worker” or “critical worker” PNP streams.

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