Saskatchewan immigration

How Easy is it to Get PR (permanent residency) in Canada Through the Province of Saskatchewan?

Saskatchewan is one of the most well-established provinces and a great choice for anyone interested in Canada immigration. There are many opportunities for immigrants here especially in the oil and mining sector. The province also has major scope for jobs in the finance and insurance sector with 17.1% of income generated from these two sectors.

This province is a perfect place to live with health care directly funded by the government here.

All the medical expenses of the patients are borne by the Saskatchewan Medical Care Insurance Plan. Now, how to opt for this province when you are looking for Canada immigration.

The following programs are eligible for those who are looking for Saskatchewan immigration:

International Skilled Worker – Employment Offer

  • The first criteria as per this category of SINP immigration is that the candidate should have secured a 1-year employment in this province. He should also have substantial proof of this employment such as the SINP Job Approval Letter.
  • The candidate should have worked for 1 year in the province of Saskatchewan in the last decade before he made his application.
  • The candidate should be able to prove his eligibility in English for the job offer received by him. The standard score needed by the government of Saskatchewan is CLB 4, however, some employers require a higher score in English and a better proficiency in this language from the candidate.
  • A fee of 300CAD is only required for an application under this scheme.

Skilled Worker with Existing Work Permit

The second category of SINP immigration is only applicable to those who are inhabiting this province and have the valid document of a work permit. Such candidates should have been working as employees in this province for the period of last 6 months.

  • The candidate should also have been offered employment in this province in the same domain in which he holds experience. To prove this job offer, again he should have the mandatory document of SINP job approval letter.
  • If the candidate practicing a trade in Saskatchewan, it should be one of those listed in the Regulated Occupations and Licensing Requirements. This condition is mandatory for those employees who have been employed in a skilled trade in this province. They should also have licensure to practise this occupation in this province.
  • The program requires experience of the candidate in the different job types which pertain to the job categories of either NOC, A,0,B and C.
  • Expertise in English of atleast CLB 4.0 is required for those who have an 6 months occupational experience as per the C category of NOC.

Canada immigration under this program is also open to those who have been working in the Food and Beverage Industry in this province. For them application should be made as per the norms of the Hospitality Sector Pilot Project which falls under this immigration stream only. The Saskatchewan occupations-in demand category is still open for all of the acceptable 3,300 applications.

Under the SINP program, applications are getting accepted since January 11, this year. The province of Saskatchewan has already set the acceptable application numbers which are valid. So, under the category of Saskatchewan-workers with an employment offer category applicable for Saskatchewan immigration, already 5000, maximum acceptable number of applications have been completed.

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