Germany job Seeker Visa

How Easy is It For Someone From India To Get a German Visa?

Germany has proven to be a country with an astonishing growth rate. The candidates want to get there because they can get exposed to so much growth.

Due to the wrong documentation put by the candidate, he gets the rejection of the Germany job seeker visa. Therefore, an understanding, of what documents to put for this German visa is important.

A candidate can get the job seeker visa to Germany pretty easily. This kind of visa does not require any job here. However, even without a job, you can get the chance to stay here for 180 days which is equal to 6 months.

However, there are some requirements which need to be taken care of before getting this visa:

  • Funds: The candidate should be able to prove that during his job search efforts he won’t be relying on any kind of assistance from the government. So, you can show your funds to be present in a German bank account.
  • Identity in the home country: This can include any kind of documents such as your passport, marriage certificate, and ration card. If the documents are in Hindi, they must be adequately converted to English.
  • Health insurance: This is important and the amount for this is 30,000 Euros.
  • Learn the German language: Without German, you just can’t survive for a single day in this country. So, you should know the language, until the B1 standard. You can also learn German better once you are in this country. In Germany, there is a .01% chance of getting a job if you don’t know German fluently.

There are better chances to get a job if you are in Germany rather than applying for the same in India. Also, you won’t lose the job that easily because there are stringent laws about firing employees. In fact, employees cant be fired even when they are in the probation period.

Once you are in Germany, the candidate has better chances of becoming culturally adapted to this country. This “cultural adaptation” is important for German employers who are going to hire you.

Germany has a need for a large number of software developers and 46k Euros is the annual salary received by developers. The salary can be higher as per your experience and you can earn up to 45-60K Euros per year. Berlin has a huge demand for software developers.

The city has a lot of companies where the employees are more than 1000 in number. The city has started a lot of such companies in the preceding  2-3 years.

In Berlin, if we take the ratio of salary to, the costs of living, it’s much better than other cities in Europe. So, Germany is a preferable choice.

Apart from IT Germany has a high need for Automobile Engineers also. You can’t forget the company of Audi is situated here.

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