EB5 visa

What Does EB-5 Exactly Imply?

The US has launched the EB5 visa in order to get a higher investment from other countries. The EB5 visa program has been initiated to ensure that the foreign investors are brought to the US. USCIS takes care of the visas granted as per this program. The candidates should know that the investments done by them in any specific regional centre can only get them this visa, once the regional centre is approved by USCIS.

As such, the EB-5 visa is an excellent way to get to the US through a permanent residency by investing your funds. Initially, the PR is not permanent. It’s temporary for two years.

For getting this visa, the business plan of a candidate should be approved by USCIS. A candidate starts the application procedure for this visa by providing his business plan through the I-526 form.

To avail of this visa, the investor can just invest in a new business or in a Regional Center which will take care of his invested funds. The candidate can also invest his money in a Targeted Employment Area which requires an investment of capital for a better growth rate by putting it up with a Regional Center. In this case of a regional centre, the investment amount would be 5,00,000 USD.

However, when the investment is not with the Regional Center of a Targeted Employment Area, it would be as much as 10,00,000 USD.

Once you have got the “yes” from the government for the investment, you can then proceed to put the immigration application.  In this situation, the candidate is only valid for conditional permanent residency for two years.

The USA has so many benefits for investors;

  • The country has the largest number of customers in the world. So, you can get so many people who are ready to buy your products. There is almost 325 million population of this country who form the customer base for your products.
  • You would be amazed to know the GDP of this country and the personal disposable income which can be spent by people here. This country has a total GDP of 18 trillion USD. The average household income spent by a family here is the maximum in the world.
  • The US is the “best place to conduct a business” as declared by the World Bank.
  • Hence, t

he EB5 visa is a visa whereby you can make sure that the largest market in the world gets opened to your company.

This place has the most patents in the world due to the number of successful businesses, present here.

This visa is a guarantee to having a profitable business in the US.

However, to get this visa, the mandatory condition is that the candidate must be ready to make the investment of 1,000,000 USD when he starts his own business. In case this is not the case and he has entitled the regional centre to take care of his investment in a Targeted employment area, he just needs to put in 5 lakh USD.

So, whatever be the amount invested by the candidate, he should know that his enterprise should create employment for 10 US citizens, failing which he might lose the EB5 visa.

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