Employment Options For Working Holiday In Canada

If you are entering Canada with a working holiday visa, your main concern would be to land suitable temporary employment in its various cities, so that you can work and travel too.

Employment opportunities in Canada are profuse, provided you know where to search. It may take a while to decide where to look for jobs, but once done, your working holiday in Canada will take concrete shape.

When you enter the country with working holiday visa for Canada, you will find that Canadian jobs are not short on variety. From the mountain slopes as a ski instructor to a waiter’s job in a Starbucks espresso, there come all sorts of jobs. For a great white adventure in the North, you can head to the mining and oil sectors in cities such as Saskatoon, Calgary, and Edmonton.

All said and done, finding a job is the most difficult aspect of your working holiday in Canada. A positive attitude is crucial. Spend some time and effort in creating a CV that is suitable for jobs in Canada. There are plenty of online resources to help you in this task.

You can explore jobs in the following cities:


Jobs in the city range from hi-tech careers to casual jobs, like any other city. One can spend the summer waiting tables downtown or working at the harbour on cruise ships. This is also the place for a high profile career in IT or finance. Being the financial hub of the country, Toronto offers many jobs in accounting and finance. Toronto stock exchange happens to be the 7th largest in the world, and it is also the headquarters of the top 5 Canadian banks. It also has the third biggest number of IT companies in North America. Jobs in hospitality, tourism, and retail are also plentiful. These jobs are much easier to get.


For a third year in the row, this city has been voted as the best city in the world to live in. Jobs in this city range from seasonal and casual to professional and outdoorsy. But you will be competing strongly with the Canadian citizens, International students and other working holiday makers. The port of the city is the largest in the nation and as such boasts of shipping, trade and logistics jobs. Another prolific sector is forestry. Yet another surprise is the movie industry which is third only to Hollywood and New York. So this is your alley if you are into acting or film production. Tourism is also a major sector, so you can explore jobs like a tour guide, barman, etc. to finance your rent and acquire a ski pass. But expect a low hourly wage in the bar and restaurant work in the city. It is good to reach the city before the peak tourist seasons of summer and winter to avoid high competition for such jobs.


This city is rich in jobs in the manufacturing and scientific sectors including the IT sector. Being the capital of the country, it has numerous jobs in the administrative sector. The Federal Govt. is the largest employer in the city. But there is stiff competition and strict screening process for such jobs. Casual jobs in office temping and administration are plentiful. Also, there are jobs in bars, cafes, shops, hospitals, building sites, offices, restaurants, etc.


You will need to be proficient in French for jobs in this city. Jobs are plentiful in industries like electronics, aerospace, transportation, manufacturing, software and also the large port located in the city. There are also seasonal and casual jobs in retail, tourism, and hospitality as well as the plentiful call centre sector.

These are the profusion of job opportunities when you enter Canada with a Canada visa working holiday position.

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