Australia Tourist Visa

Enjoy an Australian holiday with a visitor visa

Australia is nothing short of a paradise. It’s true that over the years, the country of Australia has been attracting so many visitors. This country has visitors coming here from all over the globe. Last year only, 8.8 million tourists come to this country. It’s a staggering figure.

And that’s why; you can also be one of those few, by applying for an Australian tourist visa for Indian citizens.

Taranga zoo

The Taranga Zoo in Sydney is one of the most avid treats for an animal lover. Prince George has been to this zoo also. There are also many animals in this zoo including a giraffe, koala bear, and gorillas. Gorillas are one of the endangered species of animals on Planet Earth now. So, this place should be explored by your kid when you take him/her on a vacation to Australia. You can make an application for Australian visitor visa online.

Gold coast

The Gold Coast is also one of the amazing places.  Gold coast is a city in Queensland. You can be here and enjoy a complete view of this area from a height of 270 meters from the Q1 resort building. This area also has theme parks where you can skydive and surf. Have you ever thought of walking among tall trees in a rainforest canopy?  Fortunately, you can enjoy such a walk, in a rainforest canopy walking on 9 suspension bridges all positioned at a height of 16 meters. After this walk is over, you reach a 30 meters high deck built on fig tree where you can rest. This top-of-the-tree walk is known as the Booyong walk and is available at Lamington National Park at Gold Coast.

Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef is also one of the most exotic places in Australia. This reef is located in Western Australia. This place was used by Pippa Middleton and her husband to celebrate their honeymoon. This place is located close to Perth. You can plan an overnight stay in one of the 16 tents located on this island. In the morning when you wake up, you have an adventure awaiting you. You can have a swim with the humpback whales.

Uluru-Kata Ujutu National Park

Uluru is a place where you can enjoy the peace. This is a place which was also visited by the royal couple of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. You can enjoy the sunset of this place and watch it sitting on the giant red rock for which this place is famous. Located in the Uluru-Kata Ujutu National Park, you can enjoy meeting the Anangu also, which is an aboriginal tribe living here for the last 22,000 years.

You can get an Australian tourist visa for Indian citizens to make sure that you are able to come here.  This visa is given when you have proper arrangements to return back to India when the visa has lost its validity i.e. after 6 months. You can have this visa whether you are employed in a job or are self-employed. Any consultancy can help you in attaining this visa and then traveling abroad to Australia on this New Year’s Eve. Apply for Australian visitor visa online.

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