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Entry in Australia Through Subclass 186

The subclass 186 is the employer nomination scheme which provides permanent residence to the immigrant as well as to his whole family.  In order to get the employer nomination scheme subclass 186 visa one is required to have certain skills and also one is required to be nominated by an Australian employer. In order to migrate to Australia with the subclass 186 visa the person in question has to fulfil certain requirements.

Requirements to be fulfilled

  • One has to be nominated by an Australian employer for the visa.
  • For applying for the visa one has to be under the age of 50.
  • Also one has to meet the skills and language proficiency required.

There are three streams under the employer nomination scheme; one can apply for the visa through one of these streams.

  • The direct entry stream- This stream is especially for those who have never worked or have worked for a brief period of time in Australia. One can apply for Australia direct entry stream visa online also but one has to be outside Australia at that time.
  • The temporary entry stream- This is a stream that is for those who have been working in Australia on a temporary basis. One is also required to have worked for atleast 2 years for the same employer in order to get permanent residency.
  • The agreement stream- This is for those who have the subclass 457 visa which means that they are sponsored by their employer and have a temporary job.

Advantages of being the subclass 186 visa holder

The subclass 186 visa has a lot of benefits, some of the advantages being:

  • One is free to stay in Australia for an indefinite period of time.
  • One has the right to work and study in Australia.
  • Gets free medicare, thanks to Australia’s health care system.
  • The freedom and the ability to sponsor relatives for permanent residency.
  • One is free to travel to and fro from the country for five years from the date of issue of the visa.


For the subclass 186 visa one has to get submit the following documents:

  • The certified identification papers along with their copies.
  • The required police and character certificates.
  • Proof for English proficiency.
  • Proof of licensing and registration.
  • References and resume.

It is important to fulfil all the required skills, language proficiency, character and health requirements according to the stream you choose. Once all the requirements and the documents are complete then only can one get the visa. Australia is a great country to migrate and there are a number of programmes for migrating but fulfilling the requirements is important.

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