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Have Experience? Prepare yourself for Canada immigration

If you hold some experience from your home country, then Canada immigration Express Entry is quite possible for you. This country has so many options available for foreign immigrants. They can get immigration to Canada through the Canada Experience Class or federal skilled worker.

As far as the Federal Skilled Worker class is concerned, points are different for different kinds of education and experience levels. Someone who has a Master’s is given 23 points and someone with a higher degree level such as Ph.D. gets 25 points.

As far as the experience levels are concerned, for candidates who have 6 or more years of experience are eligible to get 15 points. With these many points, candidates can easily score 67, which is the threshold score for the Federal Skilled Worker class. The candidate can also get immigration once he has some minimum experience in Canada of at least a year. This kind of experience gets you immigration as per the Canadian experience class. So, one way or another, you can easily reach Canada. For qualifying for the federal skilled worker, you can get CLB 7 scores in English and below these are not acceptable.

Apart from education and experience, Canada also gives importance to age for the Express Entry visa for Canada. For candidates who are 47 and more, the Federal Skilled Worker class does not invite applications.

The immigration candidates can also benefit once someone is ready to provide them with employment in this country. The candidate who has been chosen for work in this country should have an LMIA given to him by the employer who has selected him. Candidates who don’t have an LMIA because their job in Canada does not require them to get one are also eligible to get immigration to this country because some jobs have been made exempt from this requirement.  These categories of immigrants who don’t need an LMIA are those who have jobs covered by NAFTA agreements.

Apart from Express Entry, PNP programs have also been introduced for the purpose of getting candidates for Canada PR. You can track which PNPs allow you immigration here. The immigration stream which allows immigration to professionals of this profile is the Express Entry: Labor Market Priorities Stream.

There is the Nova Scotia PNP which has the requirement of professionals such as Early childhood educators and Assistants. This kind of stream allows professionals to come here.

The candidates who have experience in this profile need to submit their applications through Canada immigration Express Entry itself. This way Nova Scotia selects them for immigration there. The candidates should also have money so that they have no problem in settling here. The draw which happened on August 8th actually selected candidates eligible for this stream. Similarly, Prince Edward Island invites candidates as per its immigration stream of “Labor Impact” which has subcategories of “Skilled Workers Outside Canada ” and “Skilled workers in Canada”, “critical worker” and “International graduate”.

So get Canada immigration through a PNP program or Express Entry visa for Canada and make sure your life undergoes a change completely.

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