Express Entry CRS score

What method can one use to increase their Express Entry CRS score?

Close to half of the candidates with Federal Express Entry System of Canada registration remain concerned by the CRS. This Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) is otherwise called the low point score and if this remains low when looking at that needed at present for the draw in express entry, one will have to wait for a long time. In this case, the invitation to apply for the candidate will not happen until the year is over because the express account will be valid for 12 months. This makes the EE profile expire and so, the candidate has to make a new profile.

Is there a way to improve one’s Express Entry CRS score?

The main concern for the candidate is that his or her wait for the ITA must not take a long time. There are many scenarios and processes involved, and each one must find a way to get the Canada PR invitation. Is there any other option? Actually, the only option is to improve the CRS score. If you do this, your point score will come close to the cut-off level given by IRCC. The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) does this every year.

To increase your total point score, you can use other means such as getting bonus points. One such case is when you learn French. You get extra points and these add to the IELTS band score in English proficiency. Another way to get points is to claim points if your sibling is in Canada. But, to get a huge amount of points, one can use Canada’s Provincial Nominee Program. This allows you to get the provincial nomination.

Improve Your CRS Score through PNP Program

One way to get a boost of 600 points is to send your application to Canada’s Federal Express Entry System. There is an option in the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) for the Express Entry stream to check the Express Entry pool to see if they are suited to applications in the appropriate EE Stream of PNP. There are instances when the candidate has applied in the provincial nomination program in the express entry stream and qualified for provincial nomination. In this case, in the EE system, they become eligible for an additional 600 CRS points.

This kind of huge addition of points via the PNP helps the candidate increase his or her total CRS score in the express entry. Let us say that an applicant has 450 points, then when we add 600 points, the CRS score increases to 1050. In this case, he or she will get an invitation to apply for the next EE draw from IRCC.

To improve your CRS score for Express Entry in Canada through this provincial nominee program, you have to contact the certified migration specialist for Canada. You have to find this person in Nile Migration and make sure you are eligible. Then, you may apply to the correct PNP of Canada.

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) Points Calculator

To get in touch with the migration expert at Nile Migration, call +61-290-37-8-432, and they will guide you on how to proceed further.

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