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The Express Entry Program of Immigration

Canada express entry is an immigration program that is used by the IRCC which is the immigration, refugees and Citizenship Canada. Through this program, individuals and families of individuals can immigrate to Canada in a few months. This over the past few years has become the most popular immigration program. Everyone cannot apply for this program a candidate has to be eligible for any of the three programs that come under this system: the federal skilled worker program, the federal skilled trade program and the Canadian experience class. The whole express entry system is based on the Canada express entry points.

Things to know about the express entry system

  • In order to apply for the express entry program it is not necessary that one is supposed to have a job offer; as an applicant for the express entry is given points and ranked according the CRS which is the comprehensive ranking system. Under the CRS system, one is supposed to get 1200 points and 600 points out of this are given if one has a job offer.
  • There is no such occupation list, so one doesn’t need to worry about their occupation being there in the occupation list or not. An applicant who wants to apply for this program has to have a year’s experience in a skilled occupation. There is the NOC which is the national occupation classification, this has certain codes so one can check their occupation’s code and see if it is a skilled occupation or not.
  • Once the applicant receives the invitation to apply one should make sure that he/she has all the required documents. All the personal documents, educational qualifications, work-related documents and letter of recommendation should be there.
  • For the express entry, the candidate has to take language test and prove their proficiency in either English or French. It is also recommended to take a language test in order to qualify for the Canadian express entry. It is also recommended that one should not apply for the program unless one has not appeared for the language credentials test.
  • Another thing that is important to know is that one should never lie while filling in the information for the express entry. You can risk your immigration by giving in false details.

For more details regarding this program, one can also search online and read the Canada express entry news for more updates regarding the program.

Under the Canada express entry comprehensive ranking system one is judged on the following parameters:

  • Core human capital is one such important parameter
  • If you have a spouse or a relative accompanying you then that is also counted.
  • Skill trade
  • If one has a qualifying job offer from an employer then that is also a key component.

In total one can score 1200 marks under this system, so it is very important for an applicant to study about express entry and the express entry points system before applying.

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