Express entry system

Express Entry System : Modifications and Rules

Express Entry System is one of the most popular immigration programs. To be eligible in the Express Entry System :
Score results of the language tests are to be provided which are valid for two years.
Educational Credential Assessment of the overseas applicants need to be showed along with Canadian Education. It is valid for 5 years.
The EOI is to be submitted and it should be applied online in Express Entry.
Minimum score of 67 points is must.
Health and character certifications to be provided.
There are lot of changes made in the immigration program. Let us see changes in the Express Entry System

Change Made in Express Entry System :

  • Over 1,000,000 Immigrants by 2020
    The Canada Immigration has decided to take over a million of immigrants by 2020. Express entry system started at 2015 and since then, it has been so popular that other countries are taking the same program to look for immigrants into the country. IRCC which is the top authority of immigration has decided there will be 1,000,000 people into the country by 2020. There is shortage of skilled professional in Canada so people can use this opportunity to move to Canada and look for job.

How are Individuals benefitted from it?

  • Canada Immigration is playing a major role internationally. It is the best time to move to Canada if you have thought so. Express Entry System has quick immigration application processing times and you would be living in Canada within a year if you apply now.
  • To get over 1 million people in Canada by 2020, there will be either low CRS cut-off or more ITA will be issued in each draw of Express Entry System. Well, for the best it can do both. Earlier to make it to Canada, CRS score had to be more than 430 points. Now even by scoring 400 points, you can make it there. But along with this, there will be lot of competition for seats now.
  • Moving of Family Members along with principal applicant is the new modification. Canada has proved to be family friendly country with this. Earlier, dependents below age of 18 were allowed to move along with their parents. The age has now being increased to 21 and your child can move along with you. A separate application was to be made earlier. But, now in just one application your spouse and child can move along with you.
  • If your child is married, they can’t claim to be dependent on you and won’t be allowed to travel along with you even if less than 21 years of age. There has to a separate migration file made for it.

Application for Express Entry System

To apply for it, an online profile is to be made where work experience, skills, language ability, education and other details are to mentioned. If it gets accepted, they are compared with others and given a rank. The highest ranked ones need to apply for permanent address. The applications are checked by IRCC and if refused new ones have to filed.

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