Few Key Tips to Arrange and Work in Canada

Canada is a land of opportunities. It is one of the most prosperous nation of the world. It has a growing economy that has a need for skilled workers and professionals. So if you are planning to work in Canada, it is necessary for you to study the prevalent job market in Canada. Let us look at the most flourishing industry of Canada.

  1. Information Technology:

    The technology industry is in a demanding phase where there is a high demand for trained professionals.

  2. Teaching:

    There is a dearth of trained teachers. So if you love spending time with children, then you may consider taking up the job of a teacher.

  3. Informatics Security Analyst:

    With the manifold increase in digital data, there is a need to secure this huge amount of data. If you have a bachelor’s degree in technology and have passion for securing digital data then this field might interest you a lot.

  4. Market research analyst: 

    Market research is need of the hour as when there is a cut throat competition among companies to be at top.

  5. Construction manager:

    There is a boom in construction industry as Canada is a growing economy and requires world class infrastructure for its citizens.

  6. Lawyer:

    The lawyers are always in demand. If have specialization in any specified field then you have an edge over others.

  7. Registered nurse:

    There is a high demand of trained and experienced nurses all across Canada.

Tips for increasing your employment chances in Canada

Do market research thoroughly: once you know your specialization or field of interest go digital to have an idea about the job market in Canada and prepare yourself accordingly.

Apply for Permanent Resident Visa: you cannot enter a country without a valid visa. Canada has a lenient policy for immigrants as it needs skilled workers and professionals for its growing economy. There are around 60 programs for immigrants to move to the country based and amongst them Express Entry Program is the most popular one. It is a point based program that considers your age, education, work experience, language skill and other related factors for evaluation. Your job application with positive immigration status will be on priority.

Prepare a profile video: preparing a profile is always a wise option to present yourself. Explain in detail about your strengths, skills and experience. And how your skills can help the company in growing. Present yourself confidently talking about your achievements. This is far more effective and tangible than a lifeless CV.

Past projects: It is also wise to include details of your past projects on which you have worked to gain skill and experience. An employer needs credibility, commitment and trust from its employees especially if you are an immigrant.

References: Your references in Canada will have a positive impact on the employer as they need a good amount of evidence to convince themselves about an immigrant. Add your Canadian contact details to win their trust.

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