Figure Out How to Get Canada PR Quickly! Top 4 Quickest and Cheapest Method Decoded for You

Canada is the most sought after and desirable country for immigrants because of its lenient immigration policies, growing economy, high standard of living and ideal place for growing and settling family. Under its various immigration systems and programs which allows individual to come to Canada work, business, study or to carry out family responsibilities. Amongst all the programs Express Entry Program is the most popular one. It is a point based program that evaluates points on the bases of your age, education, work experience, language skill and other related factors. So it is evident that if you lack expertise or professional qualification or you are unskilled then getting a PR to Canada may be a walk on thorns. Or if you fail to convince the immigration officer that you are not financially sound to support you and your family in Canada then the process may be pretty time-consuming and may cost you a lot.

It’s not just the PR visa that immigrants want today but in the hustle and bustle and whole chaos of life, they want it as fast as possible. So let us find out the top 4 fastest ways to immigrate to Canada.

Get the crucial support to immigrate fast

You need to make comprehensive and inclusive effort if you really want to immigrate in the minimum possible time. Coordination with Genuine and reliable immigration consultant is very important. A genuine consultant won’t waste your time in useless formalities. These consulting companies will help your file prepared perfectly with all documents, certifications and credential assessments. The consultant will help you through key Canadian Immigration Programs. They will help you in applying for relevant program, which can get you fast entry to Canada, based on your profile. This smart move will save a lot of your valuable time.

Express Entry FSW(Federal Skilled Workers Category)

You can get your PR visa within 6 months under the program of Express Entry FSW. It os the fastest way to immigrate to Canada. After getting appropriate language certification and Educational credential assessment done, all you need to is register in Express Entry system. It is appoint based system and a definite CRS score is given to your profile after examination. If the score that your profile has earned meets or exceeds the cut off score then you will be eligible to receive ITA (invitation to apply).

Work Permit

Canadian LMIA approves employer who is willing to sponsor you or if you have an approved employment offer then you can apply for work permit visa which has a processing time of just 2 months.

Provincial Nominee Program

You can get PR visa under this program within 6 months. Provinces of Canada have their own specific requirements and need for which they allow immigrants to live and work on their land. You profile can be directly picked by the provinces and employers from EE pool. Then your ITA can be accepted by any of the province.

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