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Find Out What Requirements You Have To Satisfy To Get Bulgarian Investor Visa?

Bulgaria is a beautiful European country that has a low tax rate, a strong currency and a highly trained manpower; so settling there is a great option. It is a great place to settle and work, if you are thinking of settling abroad. One can settle in Bulgaria with the Bulgarian investor visa; it is a great path to use if you seriously want to get permanent residency in a beautiful European place like Bulgaria. Some other reasons for settling in Bulgaria are its rich and diverse culture, the climate and the economy.

The Bulgarian investor visa scheme aims to attract high net worth business individuals who are keen on moving to Europe. Through this plan candidates and their families can get PR in the country and can also make profitable investments.


The Bulgarian investor visa scheme has a few requirements that need to be fulfilled by the candidate, and then only that person is eligible for getting the visa.

  • A person must possess not less than EUR 1 million.
  • One needs to go through medical examinations before submitting an application for PR in the country.
  • A person needs to provide an evidence of good character from the nation either the place of residency or citizenship.
  • One needs to be more than 18 years old.
  • A person must make an investment of not less than BGN 1 million to the nation’s administration.
  • One must make the requested legal visits to the country prior to applying for PR there.


Like eligibility, there are a few qualifications also:

  • Should be a non EU citizen.
  • Should have a valid passport or any other foreign travel.
  • Provide documents in support of the cause and also stating the source of the invested funds.
  • Should hold no criminal record.
  • The documents should be attested by the attorneys.
  • Have to make the minimum required statutory trips to Bulgaria.

Benefits of the Bulgarian visa Programme

  • There is no sort of language exam so one can take a sigh of relief.
  • The republic is a free trade country so it has some of the lowest tax rates.
  • It is not needed for one to be physically present in the country as there is an exemption from physical residence in the country under the programme.
  • The application processing time is quite fast; so in 6 to 12 months one can get the visa.
  • You can also get a fast track option through which one can get prized citizenship and passport in just two years.
  • The investment one makes it fully government sanctioned and can be given back post 5 years.

So a person should be careful about the eligibility criteria and the qualifications required before applying for the visa. Bulgaria is a safe and easy country so getting an investment visa is not tough of all the needs is fulfilled.

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