working holiday visa Canada

Gain new Canadian experiences with a Canada work visa from Australia

Australians can easily work in Canada. Australians also find Canada to be a great place for them because both are Commonwealth countries.

What’s living in Canada like?

Both these countries have English as the primary mode of communication. Therefore, Australians don’t have any problem living in Canada. Australians might have difficulty in immigrating to Quebec because French is the main language spoken here. Australians can get a work visa for Canada in various ways. They can immigrate to Canada. Its easier to be a part of this country once you have a relative living there. Living in Canada is quite simpler for Australians because it’s a cheaper country as compared to Australia. Although Australians earn 36% more than Canadians, they also spend this much amount on utilities which is not the case with Canada.

The Canada work visa from Australia is also given for shorter durations of 2 years. The Canada work visa from Australia is given to Australians who are 18-year-old adults but not 36 as yet. In that case, it is known as the working holiday visa. While you are in Australia, it could be winter while there are summers in Canada. Australia has different climate zones as compared to Canada. The different climate zones are Mediterranean, temperate, tropical, sub-tropical and desert in Australia whereas they are temperate, continental, semi-continental, polar and prairie in Canada.

The Canada work visa from Australia can allow you to work for any employer and visit any place in Canada as and when you desire. Once you are in Canada, this work permit helps you get a job and you can attend as many interviews as possible. A recognized organization can help you in different ways in return for a nominal fee. You can include the confirmation letter you receive from the designated RO and include in your profile for IEC. A recognized organization can guide you in different ways about how to live in Canada.

Jobs available with a Canada work visa from Australia

Canada has many jobs for working holiday visa holders. White river rafting jobs are quite popular. However, a certification is required to operate these boats. You can get an International rafting federation award which is valid for 3 years. Apart from that, you must also have a first aid card which is necessary to administer first aid. If you don’t have such certification, you can still be employed just helping in taking the boat into the water and taking it out of the water. So, when you have the IRF certification, you can easily become a whitewater rating guide, trip leader or instructor depending on your certification and the water where your test was taken.

Having a social insurance number is important. You can’t get work without it. So, make sure when you come to Canada that you have a bank account and can get the SIN on the basis of it. It is easy to get a SIN number. When you have a bank account, you can easily go to the service Canada located in the vicinity of where you put up. Take your passport and your work permit to this place, and get the SIN number. You will also be asked where you are putting up in Canada.

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