Is a German B2 Certificate Helpful in getting a Job in Germany with Job Seeker Visa?

The German language courses are available for someone who wants to live there permanently. At the end of the day, with B2 level, you can comprehend a sufficient level of English. It’s not tough for someone to reach this level especially one he/she has passed the B1 level.  The courses for learning this language are also available quite cheaply.

Yes, there is a lot of importance for the German B2 certificates because with that level of language you are easily able to, accomplish results in the interviews in Germany. The B2 certificate is enough so that you understand what someone is talking to you in German.  The B2 level helps you to face 80% of the situations quite easily that you can be a part of, in Germany.

Difference between the B1 and the B2 levels

Now how does a B1 level differ from the B2 level of German? There are approximately 560 lessons that actually you have to undergo before you get your B2 level certificate. This implies that for 7 months, you have to get a class of 3 hours per day. This will exclude all the hours which will go into completing your homework.

There is the difference between the B1 level and the B2 level. B1 level requires approximately 400 lessons. These lessons elapse over a time period of 5 months. Actually, a German level learner starts his classes with the, A1 level. This is the most basic level of German which requires someone to attend, 80 lessons for 1 month. When you reach this level, you already have learned the basic rules of grammar in German and how simple sentences consisting of instructions are formed in this language.

 After the A1 level, the next is the A2 level of German. When you have reached the A2 level you have already gained some expertise in the language and can form all kinds of sentences including complex ones.

At the next level of B1, you have an understanding of the level which ensures that you know how to talk coherently in German. The next level of B2 allows you to get a grasp of talking about “difficult situations” in this language. These difficult situations include talking about situations which happen at work and topics related to your field of work.

What happens after you appear for the B2 exam?

So, at the end of the day, you become adept at facing interviews in German when you have gained a B2 certificate.  There is sufficient understanding of the language which you have gained after passing this exam.  If you want to consolidate your knowledge of the German language even further, you can opt for a higher training in this exam which will require that you undergo C1 level. This level implies that you have gained an understanding, of this language and you can understand words which were not taught to you also.

After the C1 level, the next level is the C2 level which ensures that you get knowledge of this language which is as good as that of Germans.

To get yourself to the C1 level you have to undergo 160 lessons more after passing the B2 level exam. To reach the C2 level no lessons are imparted. The learner has to imbibe the knowledge of this language on his/her own and then pass the “ÖSD ZERTIFIKAT C2” exam.

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