If you desire to work temporarily and travel in Canada as part of International Experience Canada (IEC) program, the first step is to become eligible for one or more pools. If you wish to begin work in Canada in the coming 12 months, you should become a candidate as fast as possible.

To become a candidate:

In this process, you:

  • Ascertain whether you are eligible by answering some questions and if so,
  • Can create an IEC profile online for free

The answers to these questions will help determine whether you are suitable for a pool in one IEC category or more. IEC categories are three in number:

There is a single pool for every category per country. You are allowed to submit your profile to one or more of these pools. For obtaining a work permit, an ‘Invitation to Apply’ must be received by the candidate.


STEP 1: Provide answers to a few questions.

Fill up our questionnaire to find out if you are eligible for joining the IEC pools. This will take only 10-12 minutes. Questions asked are related to:

  • Country of citizenship
  • Country where you live permanently
  • Country where you live now ( residence)
  • Student status ( if applicable)
  • Offer for job ( where applicable)

There are two options to answer this questionnaire:

  • Sign into your account and click on ‘ IEC’.
  • Ascertain if you are eligible without signing in.

In case you are not aware if you are eligible or do not have an account already, find out if you are eligible prior to ‘ signing in’.

STEP 2: Complete your IEC profile online:

If you garner a positive result, you can complete and submit online your IEC profile.

If you have ascertained eligibility avoiding signing in, follow these steps:

  • Store or safe keep the Personal Code of Reference (PCR) given at the end of the questionnaire.
  • Create your account
  • Key in PCR where required

In case you have signed into your account to ascertain your eligibility, click on ‘ continue’. You don’t need a PCR.

The IEC agency will use answers to questionnaire to create your profile. You will need a passport to complete your profile. The IEC  agency will also need:

  • Identity: ( Place of birth, Date of birth, Full name)
  • Contact address

If you wish to delay completion of your profile, you can exit from the profile at any time. Your information will be saved. But if you delay completion of profile beyond 60 days, you will need to start over again.


After you complete your profile,  the agency will inform you about the pools available for you. One can submit one’s profile to any of the suitable pools. Before doing this, you must understand which pool suits you.

You can begin applying for a work permit only after receiving  an ‘ invitation to apply’. After you get this, use your account to:

  • Submit your application for work permit
  • Pay the required fees
  • Ascertain status of application

These are the only steps to complete application for an IEC work permit. You may use this method to apply for canada visa working holiday.

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