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How To Get a Job in Canada Being a New Immigrant?

It does not take any kind of time, to get a job in this country. Once you have been approved for immigration, you are among those chosen few who are considered by the government eligible for getting employment here.

The candidates, in fact, get jobs during the process of Express Entry itself when their accounts are created in the Job Bank.

Have fluency in spoken English

The lack of the English knowledge can prove to be a problem for someone who wants to get a job here. It’s because the hiring manager considers you not being able to mingle with the team, because of not knowing English properly, then it can be a problem.

Although you might be fluent with the English language, it can be a problem when you can have a better knowledge of this language through the English speaking lessons available in this country.

The language barrier is the major reason why candidates are rejected in the interviews. It’s actually true that poor communication skills are visible in the interview itself. The scenario where the recruitment manager does not feel that you don’t have any kind of “Canadian experience” is because of your poor ability to speak English fluently. These results have been found out in the reports of the Ontario Human Rights Commission. When someone is able to get a call for the interview, the recruitment manager is not bothered about the lack of Canadian experience. Being rejected for lack of it is an excuse for not having “good English”.

Proper knowledge of Canadian business laws

You can also get rejected in Canada for the reason of doing some sort of malpractice. This kind of malpractice can be avoided once you have apt knowledge of how the business in Canada is carried out. It’s important to have knowledge of business laws existing in this country.

Gather local references

It’s important to have, local references so that you can show them to the Canadian employer when asked for. Without a reference to show, in Canada, you cant be hired there easily.

Get Canadian experience

It’s not so complicated to find Canadian experience. There are many companies which offer internship opportunities to immigrants. There are programs for immigrants, which can help you, get internship employment in return for payment. So, this way, you can get some experience through internship before landing up with a full-fledged job in this country.

Get mentoring even before immigrating to Canada

You can get the complete idea about what its like to work in Canada through the online mentoring programs. By accessing such programs from your home country, it’s not tough to get an idea about the workplace ambiance of this country. You can also get to know what kind of job hunt strategies to employ while you are in Canada.  With the advice of such mentors, the candidate can also boost his qualifications for increasing chances of bagging a job in Canada.

Such kind of connection with mentors also lets you know how much viable is your knowledge for getting a  job in Canada.

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