Canada Permanent Resident Visa

How To Get Job Offer In Canada With Help Of PR?

In recent times, Canada has emerged as a top destination for immigration. This is proven by the sheer number of persons who annually apply for Canadian PR (Permanent Residency).

All credit goes to the government of Canada which has fashioned Canada as the most desirable country for immigration. This is via its lenient policies for immigration as well as consistent easing of rules and regulations.

The Express Entry system is the easiest mode of obtaining Canada permanent resident visa. But it must be noted that Express Entry System is not committed to provide a job offer for person who have applied for PR.

Express Entry System

Express Entry provides the way to candidates to apply for and acquire PR in Canada even without an employment offer from Canada. Those applicants who have garnered ITA (Invitation to Apply) for PR in Canada from IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) can directly apply for PR visa, in spite of not having a job offer.

But applicants as per the Federal Express Entry System are cautious about their chances to land a job offer in Canada, after their arrival in the beautiful country, using a PR visa. To manage the expenses for living in Canada, in the first few weeks without landing a job is matter of great concern for candidates.

How Express Entry Can Help Get A Job?

This is matter of great comfort that you can find valuable assistance and help to find a relevant job in Canada in case your Canadian PR has been approved. In the case, you are applying for jobs in Canadaeven while in home country, you can always make it clear that your PR status is approved and share the relevant details like clearing of ECA status and language proficiency via IELTS score, etc.

Preference ofCanadian Companies for Persons withPR

Canadian employers usually prefer candidates who have got approval of their PR. It is regarded by employers to be on the safe side to offer a job to some person with Canadian PR status in contrast to someone who is totally unknown in the country. Applicants with PR also help Canadian companies or employers for the sake of LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment). Therefore, always remember to include details of your PR status in the covering letter, resume, job sites,etc. while applying for a job.

What is a valid job offer as per Express Entry?

In general, a valid job offer is one that is:

  • Non-seasonal and full time
  • Listed as a skilled employment as Skills types-A, B. or O
  • For at least one year

The job offer needs to be provided in written format and shouldindicate details like:

  • Your deductions and pay
  • Conditions of work like work hours
  • Job duties

In majority of situations, support of job offer by an LMIA is vital. It is a must for the employer to apply for the same from recognized agency like Employment and Social development Service Canada. But certain jobs are exempt from LMIA.

As per Express Entry, job offers which are valid will garner you extra points of reward in the Comprehensive Ranking System. When you make a profile for Express Entry, you must include LMIA number forindicating authentic job offer from Canada.

Keep such documents safely because you may be asked to present them when you get an Invitation to Apply.

These are some aspects and implications of getting PR visa Canada.


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