Get the job seeker visa of Germany to get a job here

Germany is a country to be when you want to be in such a developed place. This country has so many jobs listed for you in the IT sector. If you get to this country, you can easily get a job. You can take a job seeker visa to be there. You can have an amazing professional life in this country.


Coming back to your job hunt in Germany, in terms of economic development, Germany is no less than any European country in the world. Germany is also bestowed with a lot of natural beauty due to which it’s quite desirable to live here. So, with the Germany job seeker visa candidates can get an option to be in this country for 6  months.

Work in Germany and get an EU blue card

So, first you need to go this country on a job seeker visa, get the Blue card of this country and finally the PR. The minimum annual salary you need for an EU blue card is 52,400 Euros. You can get the PR of this country after living here for 5 years The Blue Card which has been launched since 2009, allows nationals of the third world countries to live here with ease. You need to have a work contract of 1 year in Germany to be granted this contract. So, a job seeker visa gives you a perfect opportunity to do so because you can search for this kind of a 1 year job and then apply for the EU blue card. The EU blue card is given to you depending on the duration of your job subject to a maximum validity of 4 years. You will be glad to know that 1/4th of the blue-card holders hail from India and are computer scientists. If you are looking for work, then Germany is a perfect place because there are a lot of jobs here for technicians and mechanics even when they don’t have any university degree. A 3 year diploma after the 12th standard is also sufficient.

Germany is a cosmopolitan country which has immigrants from all over the world. In fact, 7% of the immigrants come here from non European countries.

By getting education in this country, you can also be a part of this country apart from the job seeker visa. Since the candidates are not longer eligible to use the social security system of this country during the 6 months of the job seeker visa, you have to opt for the medical insurance from your home land before departing here.

Germany has the most astonishing of restaurants. Its restaurants are Michelin starred. 11 restaurants in Germany have 3 Michelin stars. Stuff yourself with the most exotic food in this country. Apart from 3 star Michelin restaurants, there are plenty of 2 star Michelin restaurants(38)  in this country. So, you can also have a lot of tasty German food while you are in this country. Maultaschen is a German dish which consists of dumplings made of pasta dough with a stuffing of vegetables or meat.  This dish is served with pasta sauce and is extremely delicious.


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