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Get To Know About Canada Federal Skilled Worker Immigration

On the basis of the ability of the applicant in order to become economically established the Federal Skilled Worker applications are assessed based on immigration to Canada on the federal skilled workers program for Canada.

As per the report January 1, 2015, the processing of federal Skilled Worker applications is done through the Express Entry immigration selection system for the immigration of its skilled workers to Canada. The eligible candidates who belong to the Federal Skilled Worker Class are entitled to sign up an expression of interest in their immigration process to Canada which could be done by creating any of the online Express Entry profile.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for a Canada skilled worker visa (Permanent Resident) for immigration, Federal Skilled Worker applicants are supposed to:

  • Sustain continuous full-time or equivalent paid work experience for about one year and must have any skilled occupation for in past 10 years.
  • Maintain their Qualification of an Employment in Canada with an assessment of Labour Market Impact and must stood up as a Canadian employer for a full-time as well as permanent job offer.
  • Canada skilled workers are supposed to pass a language ability test in the official languages known as English or French.

Professional applicants known as Federal Skilled Worker eagerly applying for Canada skilled worker visa will have to obtain round of about 67 points based on their Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s (IRCC) immigration selection factors. These factors come under federal skilled workers program for Canada.

Selection factors are listed below:

  • Education: Formal educated Candidates will be awarded 25 points on a total account.
  • Language Skills: Total of 28 points is to be awarded to the candidates.
  • Work Experience:The paid or skilled work experience which the federal skilled workers applicants must have acquired in the last 10 years will be awarded 15 points, and are told that attainment of at least 9 score points is required for qualification.
  • Age: Based on the Candidates’ age at which they will be applying, the applicants might be awarded 12 points on a rough calculation.
  • Arranged Employment: If the Candidate is possessing arranged employment in Canada that is meeting certain of their requirements then the applicant shall be awarded 10 points.
  • Adaptability: Candidates adaptable of moving to Canada will be awarded 10 points.

The applicant is authorized to show that he or she can support himself or herself by having sufficient settlement funds and he or she will also have to meet the eligibility and points requirements criteria and any of the dependent after the arrival to Canada. As a part of Canada’s immigration procedure of their applications, the applicants will be undergoing medical examinations and obtain security clearances.

The recognition of government of Canada for the points awarded under the selection criteria of skilled workers does not reflect the establishment chances of an applicant in Canada. The result of it is that an alternative method of application assessment is authorized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada Officers.

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