How to Get PR For Australia

There are many reasons why a person might seek PR (PermanentResidency) in a foreign country. Some of the main reasons are:

  • Employment
  • Education
  • Good living conditions
  • Good conditions for work

Australia ranks as a top country welcoming foreign citizens for purposes like education and employment. Because Australia is so attractive, most people want to know how to get PR in Australia. For the Australia permanent residency process, you need to follow some steps to get the privilege of a PR.

If you are a migrant who is granted PR by the Australian govt., you can live in the country for an indefinite period. But to get PR, there are 2 main modes:

  • Skilled migration
  • Family migration

General Skilled Migration:

The main beneficiaries are persons who have skills that are in demand in the country. In case your occupation is listed on the SOL list or you have been practicing your occupation for several years or your education matches your occupation, you will be a candidate for an independent skilled visa (sub class 189).

This visa is also based on points determined by some criteria. These include, age, languages known, education and skills. If you can garner several points, you may submit an EOI(Expression of Interest) to the Immigration Department and you may be invited to apply for a visa. At this point, you will need to supply necessary documentation.

In the case, your occupation is on a CSOL list or you are unable to garner enough points for an independent skilled visa, you have other options. Skilled Nominated Visa (PR Visa subclass 190) is suited to those who have less advantage with the CSOL list. Some states in Australia nominate certain professionals, but you will be required to stay in those states for a few years.

In case you do not have enough points for a skilled visa, you can apply for a temporary visa and get active to garner some more points. For instance, you can get more points by pursuing education in Australia, by polishing your skills in English and get better results on language tests. There are such innumerable opportunities.

PR Through Employer Sponsored Visa

This visa qualifies under skilled visa. It is also related to your work experience. You may get PR, if you are lucky to have an employer who sponsors you. The first step may be a temporary 457 Visa, which can be converted to PR after 2 years.

PR Via Business Visa

For this visa, you need invest in or establish a business in Australia. If you provide employment to a number of Australian citizens, you become eligible for PR.

Family Migration

If you have a partner in Australia, you will be eligible to apply for a partner visa, which permits you to stay in Australia on a permanent basis. This is a 2-stage visa. First visa is granted for 2 years and after that if your relationship continues, you will be granted PR. Other family visas are for parents or children of those who have Australian PR.

With PR, you can stay in the country indefinitely and even apply for citizenship. For this complicated procedure for applying for PR, Australia permanent residency visa service online can be consulted.


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