Australia immigration

Get a visitor visa for Australia and see it

Australia is one of the most picturesque countries in the world. There are so many places one can visit in Australia after obtaining a visitor visa for Australia.

Fraser Island

One of them is the Fraser Island which has so many freshwater lakes. Apart from that, this island is also the biggest of its kind in the world, i.e. it is the biggest sand island. This island has rainforests also. So, you are in the ambiance of clean pollution free environment when you are here. Australia is a paradise of nature. There are so many natural wonders here that you can never end exploring.

Blue Mountains National Park! Do some rock climbing

This national park is one of the most exotic destinations in Australia. Come to think of it, this Park is quite close(50 miles) to Sydney, so you won’t waste much time traveling here. The park has a lot of activities for adventures such as Rock Climbing. So, it’s the ideal destination for someone who wants to flex his muscles. The activity of Abseiling is also available in this park. Abseiling is an activity which consists of falling from a cliff with the help of a rope. The abseiling is actually like mountain climbing but instead of going up a cliff, you are going down it.

Katoomba railway ! Fly in air in a Skyway

If you are in a mood to climb up or down the mountains, you can get on to Katoomba railway.

Katoomba Railway moves through the Blue Mountain National Park. After boarding this train, you can be part of all the mesmerizing sights of this National Park. Apart from the railway, you can also be part of a Skyway in this national park. Skyway refers to a cable driven cabin which flies in the air. It has seating arrangements for almost 72 people and also has a free Wi-Fi connection. Traveling at a height of 886 feet above the ground, you can stare at the national park and Katoomba WaterFalls falling below you. Just disembark from the Skyway and you are welcome to a tasty meal. After being a part of such adventures, you can have a meal in a restaurant in this park. Located 270 meters above the ground, you can have a meal consisting of burgers, wraps, and chips here.

The visitor visa for Australia can be taken to enjoy a sojourn in Australia for 6 months. This visa is available at a moderate cost of 140 Australian dollars.

To get this Australia visitor visa from India,  a candidate has to provide a lot of details along with filling the necessary forms. A candidate should be able to prove his bank balance so he should show his bank statements for the last 6 months.

A candidate can also show that he has plans to come back to India after the Australia visitor visa from India visa is not valid anymore. The candidate can show that he has employment in India and show his leave approval letters for the Australian holiday. This letter should be given on letterhead of the company where the candidate works. If the candidate is not employed he can show the Memorandum Of Association of his company.



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