Workers of gap years to Canada may make use of Working Holiday Visa program of USA to work, travel and live for one year in Canada.

What is meant by working holiday visa?

The  working holiday visa Canada permits  persons from eighteen to thirty years  from select nations to do some work for a maximum of 12 months in the country  when they can also spend  time for travel in this country. The Work Holiday program is a good  way for traveling youth  to supplement their finances for travel as well as gain work experience from abroad, simultaneously.

The Procedure:

If you gain approval for a  visa as per working holiday program, you will receive a “Letter of Introduction ‘ issued  by the  Canadian consulate or High Commission in the nation of your origin. After receiving this letter, you are allowed  to enter Canada within 12 months.

Soon after you reach Canada, the govt. allows you to work for twelve months in whatever job you like or choose to do. You also have the freedom to leave Canada for whatever time periods  you desire and your visa will not be cancelled when you are spending time away from the country.

In case a  ‘ letter of introduction’ has been granted to you previously, you are not allowed to apply for  a second one. The government of Canada will never issue a second ‘ Letter of Introduction’ for the same person who applies for it a second time, even if his or her first visa remains unused.

For approval of a  Visa for Working Holiday, revelation of  any previous or current medical problems or criminal convictions to the government of Canada, will be needed. You must  also provide  the proof that no dependants will be accompanying you. Another basic requirement is that you must be a citizen of a country  which is part of  the Program for working holiday.

What are the requirements:

You will require a passport  that is valid and which proves that you’re the citizen of  any  country participating in the program of Working Holiday. Your passport must be legal and hold value  for a minimum of fourteen months from date of application since the Govt. of Canada will refrain from releasing a Letter of Introduction to any candidate  whose passport  does not stay valid in the time of their sojourn in Canada.

Another major requirement is that you must have carry a minimum $4000 CAD ( around 2000 Euro) at the time you reach  Canada.

Security and health checks:

You will be allowed entry into Canada by immigration officials only if you have must have made a declaration of all your medical problems or/ and prior criminal convictions. This is a must for Canada working holiday visa.

As per the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act of Canada, the govt.  holds the rights to deny entry to Canada if you  represent a potential  security risk to the country or cause a burden to its health services. In case you have if you have any  major  health issues or medical conditions,  take care to  make a declaration about them early on. In case you have history of small offences like assault, drunk driving or public nuisance, the Govt. of Canada must be informed about it, before entering the country.

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