Australia Tourist Visa

Gorge on Fish and chips with a Australia Tourist Visa

An Australia tourist visa is a great way to be on a trip to this country. This tourist visa is available when you have the perfect itinerary planned to be in this country. There is no need for you to appear for the IELTS exam for this visa. Australia is also a sparsely populated country due to which your time is spent with ease here. The land area of Australia is quite large but its population is very less.

Australia has everything one can aspire to see which includes Rainforests and the Great Barrier Reef. On top of it, you have other attractions which include the Sydney Opera House. The tourists can enjoy excursions to these places and then have mouthwatering meals.

A 1-hour tour makes you explore Sydney Opera House. Apart from that, there are also spellbinding musical performances by world-class performers which are held here. Ana Moura performs here who is a Portuguese singer.  She brings to you Fado which is the Portuguese musical genre.  So, whilst you sit in the auditorium of the Sydney Opera House, you are treated to musical heights while listening to this singer. You can move to a scrumptious dinner after listening to Ana.

The nearby restaurants offer fish and chips which is like a staple Australian diet. Quite obvious, because the fish is found in abundance here since Australia is an island surrounded by ocean. Sydney Opera House has restaurants offering elaborate meals if you want something more than fish and chips. In restaurants facing the Sydney Opera House, you can have a pizza or a Thai curry with rice consisting of chicken, potato, and zucchini prepared in coconut milk depending on your taste buds. Therefore life is truly great when you are in Australia.

The visitor visa is only provided for a time duration of 12 months. The candidates must, however, show that they have taken health insurance.

If the purpose of visit to Australia is not tourism then the candidate should have a sponsor ready to invite them to this country. When you have family living in this country, you don’t have any issues visiting this place. The sponsor should, however, take care of certain conditions:

  • He has to provide a security bond to the Australian government if he wants to invite someone on a visitor visa to Australia. The bond should not be less than 5k-15k AUD.
  • To be a sponsor for the Australia tourist visa from India, you should have been living in Australia for two years. So when you are a relative of someone who wants to come to this country and you have the security bond, you can be a sponsor.

This amount of the security bond is returned back to the sponsor when the sponsored goes out of the country upon the ending of the visa duration. However, if the sponsored commits some crime while he is on the Australia tourist visa from India, the sponsor can’t provide sponsorship for anyone for this visa for at least 5 years

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